Watering the garden filled with zinnias, lillies, sunflowers, and potted plants, the little boy stood beside me and surveyed my work. 

“This is a witchcraft garden.”  He said, decisively. 

“Really?”  I said.  “How?” 

“I’m not sure.  I just know it’s a witchcraft garden.” He insisted. 

“Ok.  I’ll pray about that.  Thanks!”  I was truly appreciative.  

Knowing God speaks clearly to children, and often, I was listening. 

It wasn’t long after…it didn’t take much time…to see what needed to be removed from the garden. 

I had gone to a store to purchase garden decor.  This place was amazing!  Mexican pottery and tile, rustic furniture and hand-painted, Talavera-the owners had imported their merchandise from deep within Mexico. 

I had purchased two stands for the garden in front of our log home and excitedly put them in place.  Surrounded by flowers of every color array, they added an ambiance which was lacking before. 

After my little friend discerned “witchcraft” in the garden, I called in God’s Light. 

“Father, Shine Your Light.”  I prayed.  

“Shine Your Light on the hidden things giving the enemy access and a legal right to torment the land, our home, and our family. Show me what’s in this garden that has witchcraft attached to it.” I prayed. 

It didn’t take long before He “highlighted” one of the objects I had purchased at a lovely store just outside of town.  

Not both objects had witchcraft power attached to it; just one. 

It would have to go. 

I was given the strong impression that I could not “just redeem it”-as we have been led to do many times with objects in our home and in our possession that God highlighted as “off”. 

I could not just “pray a prayer” and “wave the wand of prayer” as if words had magic, in order to dismantle witchcraft in the garden. 

I had to get rid of the object completely. And I did. 

I trust that our land, home, and family had more peace and I believe The Father, who is such a Good and Protective Father, sent my little friend-a young boy who came over to play with our son-to stand by my side for just a few moments and “see” and “hear” and discern what I wasn’t in that moment. 

God IS faithful, friends.  He just wants our obedience. 

Simple acts of obedience to God, our Father, yields a vast and expansive harvest. 

On many occasions over the years, He has called our family to rid our home and our person of anything that has occult/dark/witchcraft power attached to it and invited us to a “house cleaning”. 

He has invited us to an internal cleansing as well as an external cleansing. 

These cleansings are always physical and spiritual and are initiated by Him and His Spirit.

He always does a deep cleaning; never a surface one. 

I’ve had to part with many objects over the years and some, I “missed God” on.  But for those where I’ve made a mistake, He has shown me how to hold my hand out and keep my grip loose on “stuff”.  

What this story is about isn’t the giving away that we do at God’s Promptings.  This is different.  This is calling in His Light into our homes and onto our properties, asking Him for “Daily Bread” on what we are to keep, give away, throw out, or store away.  



It is totally impossible to find a needle in a haystack, is it not?

Without God’s intervention and His Gifts moving through us, as well as opening our eyes to “see” and our ears to “hear”, there is absolutely no way of finding a needle in a haystack.

With God, however, the impossible is made possible.  

Often, the land is traumatized and sick.  After moving into a home in our present location, we began to “call in God’s Light”.  

Our home was previously notorious in town as being a host-home for drug trafficking and everything that goes with this lifestyle. 

The previous owner was well-known in the town for bringing trauma. 

I had never heard of anyone bringing so much harm and pain to a community of people! The stories were heartbreaking. 

Everywhere we went in our new town-restaurants, shops, just walking around the neighborhood-people would ask us where we lived and when we told them, they would share a personal story of what was done against them and all we could see was pain. 

Surely, the previous owner, the land, and the home needed forgiveness, prayer, and RESTORATION. 

The first thing we did was take down ALL the cactus which lined the front yard and the perimeter of the property. 

“Whoever planted this wanted to keep people out,” we somehow knew. 

There was cactus that, if impaled, could be deadly to small children running around and playing in the front yard. 

We literally had “a cactus forest” that lined our side and front lawn! 

It took a good, solid three months of steady work to tear the cactus forest down.  We worked hard and with our children, and we and our clothing, gloves, socks, and shoes were covered with the needles from the cactus plants. it was a painful and lengthy process. 

We found paraphernalia in our garage but what we were asking God for was “the hidden things”, not the things that were easily seen.

One day, I was standing on the concrete by our courtyard in the front of the house.

I had watered and tended this part of the yard frequently.

Suddenly, I looked down, right in the spot I was standing and saw a syringe at the base of a tree.  This was quite a while-over a year-that we had been living in the home we bought.

I discerned the Voice of God in that moment.  His Voice this time was “still and small”.  

He said, The land vomited this up.

I knew the land was healing and it had given up a syringe. It has been hidden; undetected. 

The “giving up of the syringe” was also representing “the healing of addictions” of past, present, and future people who lived in our village.

The syringe was an object used by others that only brought pain, harm, decay, and destruction. The land gave it up.

The LAND was giving up addiction and the paraphernalia associated with drug use, which meant the people would be responding differently and there would be deliverances, full recoveries, and supernatural healings. 

As we called in LIGHT into our community, “host homes” in our village were being exposed for what they really were:  hang-out places for young people of junior high and high school-age to gather, use drugs, deal drugs, drink, and come down off of drugs.  These “host homes” needed to be dismantled!  They were bringing harm under the guise of “helping” people-especially young people! 

Every once in a while “host homes” will spring up again, but The Father brings it to people’s attention quickly and we mobilize to protect our community. A new standard has been set and people work hard in the community to maintain it. There have been major changes, but it’s been worth it! 

I encourage you to ask The Father to Shine His Light inside and outside your home.

This is a very good and thorough explanation of WHY we are invited by Him to “clean house”.

May His Light SHINE on you and your homes-on the good and the bad.

May we keep what is good and ask our Father, God, what He would have us do with objects that have dark power attached to them so that we, and our children, and whoever comes into our home, may experience spiritual freedom.

May our homes and lives be vessels and portals where God’s glory can flow freely-an open Heaven over us, our homes, and families.

May all of our gardens be witchcraft-free!

Thank you, little boy.

And He will send a child…


Corrine Jeter


-from In Full Bloom by Corrine Jeter 

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