PARENTS: If you are enrolling your children in PIISD and have a child/children at Port Isabel High School, I highly recommend the following Teachers:

Mrs. Rosario Taylor:  English, NHS, Dance Team 


I received a “word of encouragement” for Rosario Taylor while our daughter was enrolled at Port Isabel High School.


You may listen here at your convenience.

Mr. Rodriguez: English, Theater Arts (pictured below on right)

What we love about Frank Rodriquez:

* High level of positive engagement and connection with young Learner

*  Values learning through games

*  A very good role model for people of all ages

*  Teaches entire families through one-on-one student interaction

* Is parent-friendly

*  Does not view young Learners as products, commodities, or human capital.











Mrs. Kindervater: Culinary Arts (pictured below on right) 

What we love about Mrs. Kindervater:

* Parent-friendly

* Makes learning fun.

* Improves the lives of whole families, not just young Learners (Monica Kindervater changed my whole experience in the kitchen–the heart of my home–through a simple introduction of the Chef’s knife!).

* Opens up opportunities for young Learners they wouldn’t have otherwise.

* Does not view young Learners as products, commodities, or human capital.










Mr. Robert Hendrickson: Math, College Algebra (pictured below on left) 

What we love about Robert Hendrickson:

*  has a “spirit of excellence”

* connects well with young Learners

* is flexible and open to students of all levels and learning capabilities

* knows how to teach to different learning styles

* pushes students to their maximum learning potentials

* Does not view young Learners as products, commodities, or human capital.










Ms. Huerta: Physics (pictured below) 

What we love about Yoyse Huerta:

* she’s the “Nancy Drew of Science”

*  she sees Physics and Chemistry as “exciting mysteries to be solved”

* she makes complicated concepts easy to understand

* she has a gift of hospitality

* welcoming to parents and parental involvement

* Does not view young Learners as products, commodities, or human capital.









Mr. Moore: U.S. History Dual Credit (pictured below)

What we love about Wen Moore:

*  he’s a “fatherly figure” on the high school campus with a strong emphasis on guidance

*  he introduces all sides of the portrait of history–both world history and U.S. History

*  has a firm grasp on current events and teaches history in context

*  incorporates music in his classroom experience

* Does not view young Learners as products, commodities, or human capital.

*TAKES KIDS OUTSIDE to feel the grass under their feet, the sun on their faces, the rain on their shoulders, and the wind blowing across the bay









ALL of these teachers above teach entire families, not just classrooms of young Learners.

They have impacted our family for the better and forever.



These Teachers are “top-notch” Teachers on the high school campus in Port Isabel, Texas. I’m sure there are other amazing teachers but these teachers share the following strengths:  

1. POSITIVE ENGAGEMENT WITH PARENTS: They know how to engage with parents and actually listen to Dads and Moms concerning their children. They have a seasoned understanding of the many levels on the field of education.

2. GOOD ROLE MODELS: They are good role models for young Learners. Gary and I would welcome our children to emulate the characteristics of these Teachers.

3. EXPERTS IN THEIR FIELD: They are intelligent “experts” in their field of study and of teaching.

4. PASSION: They have a passion for the content they teach.

5. GREAT MANAGEMENT SKILLS: They manage the classrooms entrusted to their care well.

6. POSITIVE AUTHORITY AND HEALTHY BOUNDARIES: They have a solid authority and clear boundaries with their students. They are safe, sure, and secure in their roles as advocates for true and vibrant learning and see to it that this takes place.

7. INSPIRATION AND MOTIVATION: They inspire and motivate people towards “win-win”, good, successful outcomes.

We need more Teachers like these Teachers on the field of Education.

Our family stands by these Teachers. We would welcome any of these teachers to teach our children, and yours, as well.

Corrine Jeter is a writer, author, and educator who lives on the coast in Texas.  She taught English and Special Education in the public school system for seven years before coming home full-time to home-educate her children. Corrine is the author of In My Mother’s Garden, Meeting My Father- A Shattered Soul Made Whole, Clara’s Choice, and other works.


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