Gary and I prayed for a precious young woman in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Brownsville two nights ago.

Her husband was incarcerated a few days before.

She has three children under 3 years old.

She had no idea how she was going to “make it”.

She grew up in a cult, but left it. Her mother left the cult, as well.

I asked her if she knew Jesus.

She said that she’d been to church.

I offered, “It’s not about ‘church’. It’s not about a religion or an organization. It’s about a relationship with The God Who Loves You.”

She said simply, candidly, honestly,  “No. I don’t know Jesus.”

I shared with her a little of my story.

She listened. She…heard.

I offered that Jesus really wanted a relationship with her and that I had no idea how she was going to make it, either, but I know with everything inside of me that HE knows how she’s going to make it.

She said she was very confused because of what I was saying and the teachings of the cult she grew up in.

I explained that this is because that particular cult has a spirit of confusion upon it and asked her if she would like to be set free from confusion. She agreed.

She said, “Yes.”

I asked her if I could pray for her and she was very open and said, “Yes.”

I asked her if I could place my hand on her and she said, “Yes”.

I emphasized that it is not okay for just anyone to lay their hands on her. She agreed.

There in the middle of deep pot holes filled with dirty rain water, with electrical wires hanging and chain link fences falling apart surrounding dilapidated structures that cannot be called “homes”, Ruby was born again by The Spirit of God.

She broke out into a fierce sweat as spiritual toxins literally left her body, evaporating off of her like a steamy mist.

Tears streamed down her face.

Her head lifted towards the sky.

“Lift up your heads, Oh you gates! Let The King of Glory come in!” the Scriptures say.

As Ruby lifted her head to the heavens, The King of Glory came in to live inside of her.

And in that moment–Ruby became The Temple of God–the very house of God.

Ruby became God’s Home.

His “home-girl”.

Gary came over and prayed for Ruby as well. He’d been talking with her brother-in-law across the road. That he prayed the things I had prayed over Ruby moments before, confirmed to her that God is real and that HE KNOWS HER AND LOVES HER.


Gary had no idea what I had prayed minutes before, and Ruby knew this.

We asked Ruby how she was doing…what she was sensing, if anything.

She said, “I feel so good. I feel like heavy weights have been lifted off of me.”

I could see that. I took Ruby’s hand in mine and her entire arm felt light as a feather.

I mean, she was light, light, LIGHT!

It felt like and seemed like and looked like Ruby could float off of the ground.

Literally, generations of spiritual bondage lifted off of Ruby’s life in those few, simple, but eternally profound moments.


Ruby looked different after we prayed.

Ruby looked like a bird in flight-

into Light-

set free

from the kingdom

of darkness.

Please pray for Ruby.  

She’s going to make it! 


Blessings and Much Love! 

Corrine Jeter 


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