The Sea of People


I can hear the people screaming behind the dungeon door:

“Let me out!  Get me out!  We can’t take it anymore!”


Walking the hallway with Jesus, in my hand He puts a key,

He says, “Open the door, let them out, it is time to set them free.”


I’m afraid to go much further; there’s so many, they’re so scared;

He assures me it’s alright and that He’s not going anywhere.


I put the key into the lock but can’t turn it to the right;

He waits for me, and talks with me, and assures me of His might.


I say, “I’ll open up and let them out, and I want them to see You.”

And when I opened up the door, into Him they walked straight through!


One by one, grateful, for the open door to Him,

I stood there with my eyes wide open and He looked at me and grinned,

And said,


“Enter into Me; come in through My back.”


So I walked slowly behind Him,

and did just what He asked.


I stepped inside of Jesus,

I entered into Him,


And life as I’d known it,

Would never be as I’d known it



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