And when he was still

a long way off

his Father saw him 

from the window.

He ran to him

and embraced his son, saying, 

Welcome Home Son! 

I’ve been waiting for you

to come Home.




In heart-felt sorrow, he turned from all his wicked ways and decided that following The Father, who loved him first and fiercely, was the better choice.

No longer did he desire to be a career criminal dentist. 

And so he returned Home.



And when he had come to his senses and realized he had partnered with great darkness by attempting to re-configure and re-create the human race at the DNA/RNA levels in the #RGV, he repented.

He had a change of mind and heart that actually led to his radical transformation.

Delusionally believing himself to be God, he made his way back to his Father—The One True God—who ran to him and embraced him, saying~

“Welcome Home, son!”



He came to realize, after receiving his Father’s unconditional Love, that synchronizing peoples’ sleep cycles one “special cocktail” at a time since 1985 in the #RGV, was not what he was created to do.

He was set free of his handler and forgave his own hijackers and oppressors.

He began to help people all over the world.

Millions of people. 

BILLIONS of people! 



He made a decision…a choice of Love, if you will.

He decided to STOP building his own kingdom one injection at a time and come over to the side of Light.

No longer would he be configuring people—especially women— to himself and to others in the The Rio Grande Valley to be “perfect fits” and “perfect matches”.

Instead, he would place the hands of men and women, and boys and girls, into the Hands of Jesus and see the salvation and re—union of many to Love.



He came to the revelation that inserting hatred for Peace Officers and Border Patrol one injection at a time in the The Rio Grande Valley was a really bad idea.

He chose, instead, to follow in the footsteps of his father who was reconciled to God right before he died.

His father—a doctor, as well—had left the ways of darkness and placed his hand in the Hand of Christ moments before his last breath.

Now, he is building beautiful water gardens in the heavenly realms with The Father and is in eternal communion and bliss with Him.

From here, he contends for the rescue of his son, his family, and his “practices”.


He woke up to the realization that trafficking children through drugging one mother at a time in the #RGV was never God’s Plan and Purpose for his life and that God had better plans for him, instead.

Such as setting millions of people free from mind control programming, and other nefarious activities, all over the world from within The Great Physician.

He was exceedingly sorry for all the harm he had done and spent the rest of his life living in the completely opposite spirit, thereby truly helping many.

He had learned his lesson. He had messed with the wrong mother, and he knew it.

He couldn’t get back to The Father quickly enough.



Filled with deep remorse for the videos and transcripts he drugged men, women, boys, and girls to submit to him in the The Rio Grande Valley for recruitment, blackmail and exploitation purposes, he had an idea!

A light bulb moment!

He would offer each video, transcript, file, chart, and audio notation up to The Father and instead of dedicating people to lucifer—the false angel of light—he would dedicate these people to God.

Many were already dedicated to God and therefore, any dedication he had made was overridden, nulled, and voided.

THE God of the Heavens and of the Earth will never bow down to a lesser so-called “wanna-be god” anyway, so his “dedications” weren’t binding.

Instead of falsely framing those he attempted to place in bondage, he set them free.

He knew it was better for an anchor to be wrapped around his neck and be thrown to the bottom of the ocean than to harm one of God’s precious ones.

Broken—hearted over the many he had sexually assaulted, recruited, and exploited, he offered up each man, woman, and child he had harmed so deeply under the guise of helping them to God and dedicated them to Love.



He became deeply troubled over the way he could configure humanity in the#RGV by creating double agents with divided loyalties through lethal injections.

The power surge that comes with so much influence began to invert on itself and crumble.

It began to boomerang back on him.

He ran back to his Father and asked for “Plan B” but was told, “son, there is no Plan B. My Plan is Plan A and you need to get on it. I want you with Me. I Am ‘Plan A’”. The Father said.

The Judge of all judges had spoken and he wasn’t mincing words.



Now fully understanding that Papa has couriers, drivers, assassins, “super soldiers”, and much more to offer in His Kingdom, he chose to leave the counterfeit kingdom he was building one injection at a time in the #RGV and return Home to the One, True God.

He exchanged his life of black ops for the life of blue ops.



When he realized that sexually assaulting and drugging men, women, and children in the #RGV through his dental practice in order to control them undetected and use them for nefarious purposes, was the farthest thing from God’s Will for his life, he returned Home to his Father.

Restored to God, he began to rescue his brothers and sisters who had been hijacked by marauders, just like he once was.



The difference between the two doctors-the one who attacked her at his home group in May of 2018- and the one who drugged her with a “special cocktail” in his office up The Valley?

One has a soul matrix; the other does not.

It takes a discerning spirit, and a discerning OF spirits, to be able to tell the difference.



Although he insisted the seminary president came “from God”, he began to internally question “which God?”

The god of this world who originates “high, mid, and low-level trophy game hunts and hunting packages” or the God who is The Creat-or and is “The One Who Loves” and is “A Just Judge”?

Having exchanged a “low level hunt” for a full ride scholarship for his son-in-law through seminary with the (former/fired) President of a Theological Seminary in the Dallas metroplex, with the intention of planting churches in Montana and Texas, the dentist began to seriously question his own judgment, and rightfully so.

“He’s a minister and…you know…he’s poor. So he can only afford one of my ‘low level hunts’,” the dentist explained on September 15, 2017 while she sat in the examination chair and listened to the explanation.

He’d reminded her, again, of all the different “levels of hunts” he offered at his ranches, where intricate, scientific experiments transpired in the area of genetic engineering.

And God-only-knows-what-else.

The Father, because He is All-Knowing, saw how he was a career-criminal dentist, and was drawn to women-oppressing, male-dominant, predatory personalities.

Like him.

The Father continues to wait at the window, eager for his son to come Home.

As soon as He sees His son coming up the path towards Home, he’ll run to him.

He’ll embrace him.

He’ll say, “Welcome Home son!!”

He’ll put a ring on his finger. New shoes on his feet. A robe of righteousness and of royalty around his shoulders.

He’ll throw him the biggest party!

He’ll invite his son to the Table of BlessingS He’s handcrafted personally, with special engravings, for his son who was lost but now will have been FOUND.

Until then…The Father waits at the window longing for His son to return Home.



Like Saul, he was a hunter of Christians.

Men, women, children—it didn’t matter. They were all game to him.

Every day he’d show up at work ready to plunge the needle and administer “special cocktails”.

There are people, you see, like him, who “work on” Christians.

Christians are targeted on the medical and dental field by dentists like him and are considered “prime”.

Like, prime rib.

Choice meat.



“Grade A Choice Meat”.

One day, like Saul, Doc got on his horse and took off on a sprint to kill more Christians.

He was on a mission for his master—a dark lord.

Suddenly, A BRIGHT LIGHT struck him—like a lightening bolt—and knocked him off his high horse.

“Why are you prosecuting…I mean, persecuting Me?” The Voice boomed from a high place.

In an instant, Doc was blinded by The Light.

Then Doc was FILLED with The Light.

Flat on his back, he had time to think things through more thoroughly.

Filled with Light, he could see better now.

All darkness seemed to leave him.

He made a choice.

He chose.

Instead of hunting Christians, he’d become one, himself.

His name was changed, like Saul’s to “Paul”.

He had “a name change” and therefore, an identity shift.

From that moment on, he never looked back. He never killed another Christian.

He left the world of “high, mid, low, and lower—than—the—lowest—level hunts”.

He turned the world right—side—up, like the apostles.

Like a true—blue disciple.

He came Home.



“I think he was sent by God.” the dentist said as she sat in the examination chair.

He had just finished explaining his high, mid, and low–level “hunting packages” available at his ranches and the exchange that was made with former/fired seminary President for a “low level hunt”.

 “How can he be a ‘God-send’?” she’d ask later.

“He hunts Christians and he’s ‘The President’ of a prominent Christian seminary.”

 He must have meant a “god–send”.


That would make more sense.

Time to come Home, son.



He didn’t know that she didn’t grow up poor. She grew up around yachts and private country clubs. She grew up in a family with ties to organized crime by a lake that was tucked into a secluded wood, with water so clean, it was deemed certifiable drinking water. She traveled extensively, and secured her citizenship to over thirty-two countries with her primary one here in the USA.  

He just knew that she couldn’t afford to pay $1600+ cash, or credit, and that she didn’t have good dental insurance to cover his high expenses.  It bothered her that he gave free services to others, while he charged her full price, but then refunded some of the difference later on. She could see how this was to keep her “hooked on the line”.  Somehow, his perception of hernot her projection of herself– made her a target and, in his mind, easy to take advantage of.  She tried to go elsewhere, but ended up back at his office one child at a time with one dental issue after another.

When she asked The Father why he sexually assaulted her and was inappropriate towards her daughter while she was in the examination chair, all the while maintaining perfect eye contact with the Mother, He was clear about ‘the why’:

He did what he did because he thinks he can.  He thinks he can do whatever he wants. He doesn’t think anyone will do anything about it.  He doesn’t think anyone can do anything about it.

As in, people don’t have the resources to do anything about his assaults. 

There was no reason–no reason at all–why he stretched out his hand and groped and stroked the private area of her body inappropriately upon the exit.  

No good reason at all.

He had made a mistake.

She knew he had made a mistake.

He knew he had made a mistake. 

Who knows why he did what he did?  It seemed he had his maneuvers down to a science.  He knew when to move right in and make eye contact in the moment when the shock-factor was the greatest.

He had even written about his tactics and techniques-both the physics and the psychology of “the hunt”- in an article he penned with his own hand in 2000.

It was written in encrypted language.  

Those skilled in the fine art of decoding could decipher the true meaning behind his veiled speech. 

All she knew was that, to him and his ‘team’ and ‘family’, she was considered a white-tailed deer hunt.

She was also considered lower-than-the-lowest-priced-hunt.

Miraculously, he had come to his senses-finally-and made a decision.

He decided that actually assaulting his patients, who he claimed God ‘sent’ him and who he claimed to ‘love’-wasn’t in his, his team’s, his family’s, nor in his patients’ best interest.

It wasn’t with their ‘interest’ in mind at all!

In contrast, he saw that his actions were in the best interest of his puppeteers.  His handlers.

Once he was disconnected and disengaged-both spiritually and physically from his puppeteers-especially the high level occult operative who had assigned himself to the dentist without Doc’s knowledge-the former, career-criminal dentist had an epiphany!

He would spend the rest of his life SETTING PEOPLE FREE from the very nefarious activities he had been engaging in his entire, medical career. 

He would STOP working for the false angel of light and the kingdom of darkness and begin to go to work for The King of The Kingdom of LIGHT.

A dark veil lifted off of his mind and his spirit took to flight.

He was set free like a bird out of cage.



He had been under demonic oppression for so long that he didn’t even remember what it was like to have any sense of spiritual freedom.

Heavy, thick chains of bondage began to break off of his life. Especially the ‘ball and chain’ he was dragging around attached to both ankles-this was cut off of him and he was free to move about The Kingdom.

He had already gone all over the world from inside of The Great Physician, setting people free from ‘networks of betrayal’ they were carrying around within them, unbeknownst to themselves.  

He had access to the quantum field-the ‘heavenly realms’.

And there were millions more-billions more- to bring to freedom from within The Great Physician.

He even began to notice how he could lift his hands and arms and they no longer felt weighty and heavy.

He began to worship the One, True God.

The Father began to transform him from the inside out.

He got out of the ‘amusement park’ and walked away from the adrenaline rush of the double-looped roller coasters, free-falling froggers, and stopped inviting people onto these rides.

He walked clear out of Greenwood in Sherwood Forest.  He brought his whole team and family with him. Not only did he walk away from Greenwood; he shut the whole operation down.

He began to INVENT, because “the inventor”, who had been buried under layers and layers of corruption and toxic, dysfunctional relationships with dark organizations, came forward and took his rightful place in the arena of this dentist’s life.

He was always an inventor, and his inventions were highly coveted and considered “The Prize”.

He became a broken man.

He was brokenhearted over the many that he had harmed who were sent to him to be healed and helped.

He had stolen from both the rich and the poor- a ‘modern day Robin Hood’. He had been so far gone in the far country.

He dropped his stupid, frivolous lawsuits against his former patient(s).

He began to be drawn into God’s Presence.

The Holy Spirit apprehended him.

Love and Forgiveness drew him in.

He began to experience “visitations” and received much needed relief.

The Holy Spirit inhabited him.

Instead of concerning himself about doing time in prison, he began to focus on the things of Heaven and of the heavenly realms, instead of being weighed down by the things of the Earth.

People began to drop their charges against him-first in heavenly places and spaces-then on the Earth. They all had different reasons for dropping their charges against him.

One dropped her charges against him out of obedience to God.  It’s what she saw The Father doing, and so she followed Him.

He began to experience a personal-very personal-spiritual revival in his own life.

He cut off relationships with people who only sucked the life and livelihood out of him and his family.

He had forgotten

Who he was

building for.

But then,

he began

to remember.

He reconciled with his wife, who he loved, and she reconciled with him.

He made restitution, as much as it was up to him, with those he had harmed.

He took one day at a time and reveled in the amazement of all God was willing to do for him, despite himself.

Not only did the gravity of his offenses fade into the distance-the weight of guilt (because he had been such a schmuck)- had faded as well.

Miraculously-and this was a great miracle, indeed-those he’d harmed began to forgive him of his gross offenses, assaults, and oppression against them.

By acts of Divine Intervention, they found themselves able to truly forgive him.  And his team and family.

Heart Attack, the character that was reflective of him, which he wrote abouthad an identity shift. A name change.

Heart Attack’s name became Miracle. 



By an act of God, or is it because enough cash and connections get people out of mostly anything in the #RGV (Rio Grande Valley) of #SouthTexas, the charges-amazingly-were dropped against him.

Oh, he was guilty. VERY guilty-of every one of those charges. 

He was even guilty of charges people had never pressed against him, who should have.

But God seemed to have other plans for him-greater Plans than the infractions stacked up and racked up from here-to-high heaven against him.

“Protector Bucks” had mobilized and risen up against him and taught him some good, old fashioned lessons-one being that his days of ‘handling cantelopes’, like he did in his younger days, were over.

They had taken care of some business. Some of it was unfinished business and they finished it.

His mistake was costly.  His choice to mess with a “Protector Buck-ette” had cost him over $5 million dollars. Plus he’d ruined his own reputation.

He had made many mistakes of this nature and would have continued had there been no, serious intervention.  

He, his team, his family, and all they’ve harmed needed a rescue.


Choosing to follow in the footsteps of his father as he was passing from this life into eternity, he left the false ‘god of millennial’ and began the journey towards Home.

Like his father, he put his hand in the Hand of The One and Only. In a stunned and shocked state, he was pleasantly surprised to feel how soft The One’s hands were.

He was expecting The Carpenter’s Hand-all rough, toughened, and raw-like his-but instead, he placed his hand in The Ascended One-The One who smooths the crooked pathways and makes them straight again.

He stood up on his shaky legs. He took a firm grip with his tired hands. He marked out a straight path for his feet to walk on so that others who follow him may not stumble and fall but are made strong.

He also made eye contact with The Creator. They had a meeting, face-to-face. He was undone. The Love, Grace, Mercy, Justice, Honor, Forgiveness, and Hope that was imparted to him, ‘Eye-to-eye’, left him changed forevermore.

He had met Judge, Lion, and Ghost.

They represented The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.






Previously, Christianity-or, “churchianity”-bored him. Why wouldn’t it?

It’s been said of ‘the Church’ that there has been a powerlessness when people have been called to live supernatural lives, and that the church is ‘program-heavy’- that it functions like any other civic organization in any given village, town, city, and region.

It had lost its…salt.

His soul had been bound to religion, and he bailed out. Who wouldn’t?

He didn’t know that everything he’d been seeking from within the false-god worship of the organizations he’d belonged to, was the counterfeit of The One-and that this One was so much The Better Choice and The Better Person.


Christ wanted

to make him

a new man


a millennial man.


He finally-finally-woke up to the Truth. People had been praying, and bound his spirit to the Holy Spirit-The Living, Breathing Christ

They waited for their prayers to take effect.  And they had waited a very long time.


He had no idea what was ahead for him…or if there was anything as euphoric as what he’d experienced from the synthetics available and so easily accessible to him-the drugs he’d plunged and pumped into his very own patients- ‘special cocktails’ he’d made just for them.

He came to the revelation that his own soul had been sufficiently siphoned and he wanted his life back.


He decided to take a risk

and trust his life to

Love and Forgiveness. 


There was always a mustard seed of trust and faith within him-in ‘the soft spot’- and there had begun to grow a Tree of Trust and a Tree of Faith in the innermost places.

Like Joseph locked up in a physical prison who grew a tree from beneath the rock flooring, he, too, grew a tree on the inside of him-in the ‘rocky places’ where ‘good seed’ didn’t have a chance to take root because of his hardened heart.

But he was given ‘a new heart’, you see?

He was given a heart of flesh for his heart of stone.

There is “good seed” deep within the innermost sanctum and he accessed “the good seeds” within him.

This place was always palpable to Love.

He grew not one but TWO TREES-whose leaves were green and vibrant.

For the healing of the nations. The Father said, whispering in the ear he had trouble hearing in.

He could hear, however faintly, his Father’s Voice.

It was…familiar.

He recognized his Father’s Voice!

He was a son-he’d just forgotten for a while. A long while. Many have been waiting in eager anticipation for him to come Home. 

The celebration is LOUD-the party is packed with people who have been contending for him for a very long time.

His Table of BlessingS is ready.


I prepare a

Table of BlessingS

for you

in the  presence

of  your enemies. 


Father God in Psalm 23:5


Corrine is a writer, author, encourager, and educator.  She taught English and Special Education in Texas’ public schools for seven years before coming home to homeschool her children. Corrine is the author of In My Mother’s Garden, Meeting My Father- A Shattered Soul Made Whole, Clara’s Choice, and many other works. Bird Out of a Cage and Creator from the prophetic art of Janice Van Cronkhite.

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