What is manifesting

in the land today?
The black bird on the lawn

circles its prey
The swallow bird eats

the seed from the ground
As the predator bird
Circles round and round

Around and round
In close proximity
The black bird lifts its wings
In hostility

I look out the window
And see this sight
As the sun comes up
Casting morning light

The black bird’s on a mission
On my front lawn
He circles round and round the bird-
The predator and the pawn.

Round and round the black bird swirls
Creating a spinning wheel
My heart goes out to the swallow bird
Who tries to enjoy her meal.

How will the swallow bird get free
As she tries to eat from the ground
In tranquility?

The black bird doesn’t want the seed
It wants to dominate
That’s what predators do, you see
They strive to intimidate.

I walk outside and shoo the black bird
Off our property-

“Doves and hummingbirds can be here
but YOU will have to leave.”

He doesn’t fly away at first
Is he challenging me?

“Oh, you and I aren’t friends, black bird.
Get off my property.”

The Black Bird finally concedes
And to another yard he’s lured

You see, it’s not about the seed
It’s about the swallow bird.

-by Corrine Jeter
July 29, 2018

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