Bubba and Elon could be brothers, if Elon Musk’s eternal spirit was regenerated, like James Austin Vann’s (aka: Bubba Vann) is.

They are not “twins”, however.  There’s no Twinning programming at all between Bubba Vann and Elon Musk.

This being said, bringing SpaceX to the Laguna Madre Region is a really bad idea.

I explain why in the videography below and why empowering the local people to think for themselves, free from mind control programming and programming techniques, is a much better idea: 

The Vann’s do not have Scarecrow mind control programming.  I want to begin with being clear about this.  And because they don’t, they are “safe” people.

Scarecrow mind control programming is both in the land and airways of The Laguna Madre Region and in people who live here locally. Scarecrow mind control programming is occult-based mind control programming. It can be here due to:

1.  Occult power released in rituals that configure the coordinates of land, air, and of people without knowledge or consent (which makes it “undetected”).

2.  The wrong-doings of people which open the door to re-configuration of land, people, and the air to the enemy and his workers of iniquity.

3.  Pre-meditated trauma and/or abuse when one becomes a “slave” of their “handler” and is reconfigured with mind control programs too numerous to list here, such as Scarecrow mind control programming.

This particular programming–Scarecrow— was detected in the land by way of the airways in late June of 2017 in a local parking lot.

This particular “dismantle” doesn’t have to do with visitors to the Region.  It has to do with the people who live here. Although it affects all.

Scarecrow mind control programming is occult-based mind control programming that can be in both land, the airways, and in people. Scarecrow programming has been detected in our Region and is being “terraformed”, which means it’s being dismantled.



Scarecrow mind control programming is being dismantled through bringing awareness, communicating its origins and symptoms, and dismantling this particular mind control programming through Forgiveness and Love.

With this type of programming in land and in people, there is a “rearragement” that must occur and it has occured as of 07.02.2017.

The “rearrangment” looked like small stick-pins on a board with threads (not webbing, but light, orange threads) positioned in a specific, geometic formation as if on a type of “grid”. 


The threads on the grid that was seen were orange,

thin (like pictured above),

and shaped in a

square formation.

Through prayer, and in faith, once the “threaded-grid-board” was “seen”, The Father showed the order the thin (very thin), orange threads were to be either taken down or arranged in the geometric order that He wanted them in. Restored to His original design pre-hijacking.

Once the re-arrangement was complete, which took less than one minute once detected and “shown” (in an open-eyed vision during a time of worship on 07.02.2017), this specific type of programming (Scarecrow) was dismantled in the airways of The Laguna Madre Region.

There will be a shift.  There will be significant change and the freedom that comes with such a change/shift in The Laguna Madre Region. 

Some of the tenets and lies of Scarecrow mind control programming in land, airways, and in people are:

1. “If this programming is discovered, you’ll be ‘set on fire’ and burned up. You’ll be ‘fired!’ The fear of “death by fire” is instilled/programmed through the use of occult-power within the matter of land (through wrongdoing connected with deception) and within “the innermost places” of people (through wrong-doing connected with deception) by one’s handler.

2. “IF you only had a brain you could…but you don’t (have your own mind nor the mind of Christ) so therefore, you won’t because I (your/the handler, programmer, trainer, operator, puppeteer) control your thoughts and thought processes.” is the internal, configured, undetected, pre-programmed agreement between one’s controller/handler and their slave (puppeteer/puppet).

FYI: Controllers, handlers, operators, programmers, trainers, and puppeteers operate at high levels of the occult.




One of the songs sung in the internal labyrinth of one with Scarecrow programming, or projected through the airways using frequencies to program land accordingly is “If I Only Had A Brain” sung here:

This particular song is being played in the sound frequencies (in the air) in the parking lots of large, local area businesses in Port Isabel, Texas.  When The Father opens our ears to hear, we can hear it. Otherwise, it is not a song nor a sound one can hear by natural means. Interestingly,  is being played on auto-pilot, like a broken record, over the lives of the locals (people, land, and airways/airwaves), not over visitors.





The children’s book that offers THE REDEMPTION of this specific programming provided to the Earth through the writing gift of the author of Scarecrow is found here in Cynthia Ryland’s book.

The contents of the Scarecrow “connect and re-configure one to HOPE”.

If there is one thing land and/or people configured with Scarecrow mind control programming need it is HOPE:



We already have an architect in our Region with The Heart and Mind OF “THE GREAT ARCHITECT” in James Austin Vann (Bubba Vann) and his wife and family.

Let us not settle for substitutes!

We have narcissists and decepti-cons among us who think of themselves as “Elon Musks”– who are self-proclaimed “Elon Musks”– and who do NOT have the Heart or the Mind OF “The Great Architect” Who Is God, The Creator of the heavens and the Earth.

These people have been given significant jurisdiction over the airways, both nationally and international airspace, as well as the “traffic control” of land through the mobilization of people and of animals on the ground-level.

Do not be deceived. -Father God

“They, having not known nor loved God, are totally given over to a depraved and reprobate mind (Romans 1) and he/she will oppress and oppose God’s People and seek to change the time and timings and the laws.” -Daniel 7.


Blessings, Much Love, and FREEDOM,

Corrine Jeter



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