What was the pastor doing when she stood at the entrance to the door of his office? He was staring out the window, looking out over the land.

At first she thought, “Perhaps he is ‘as Saul’ who is intimidated by a giant in the land threatening to take over God’s people in The Region? He doesn’t want to fight…is tired, worn out, and weary? He’d rather put his heavy army on a shepherd boy or shepherd girl to take down the taunting and the haunting ‘giant in the land’?

But no! Not at all. He is not ‘a Saul’ or ‘of Saul’, for he has been transformed by The Refiner’s Fire. In the furnace of suffering, he has been purified. Like Jesus, he has learned obedience to his Father.

In that moment, when she saw him gazing out the window, looking far off into the distance, she was seeing The Father at the window, longing for his son to return home.

The loss had been heartbreaking; often unbearable. Devastating. Carrying a sorrow so deep, the father carried on, despite great odds.

And so did the mother.

Misunderstood from within and without, they plowed and steadily plodded the field forward. They teamed up, like two oxen yoked “as one” walking through the field together with The Master Gardener.

She was seeing The Word of God in living color, standing at the entrance of the pastor’s office.

Before her eyes was A FATHER looking out the window, as far as his eyes could reach into the distance, who was searching the world over for HIS SON. He was, is still, and forever will be waiting at the window for the return of his son.

And when he sees him…even from a great distance…he will leave his office, run down the narrow stairwell, out the doors of the house, down the lane, and with his ARMS WIDE OPEN, he will EMBRACE HIS SON and the land will enter into a celebration because his son has finally come home.

Where is “home”?

Who is “home”?

Home is The Father.

Home is in The Embrace of The Father.

-from “With God All things are Possible: Knowing the Truth from the Lies” by Corrine Jeter

So he returned home to his father. And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him. Luke 15:20.

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