A Prayer of Forgiveness for Spiritual Abusers in The Body of Christ

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I forgive the spiritual leaders in the Body of Christ who are abusing people and who are sympathizing with abusers and abusive styles of leadership.

I forgive spiritual leaders in the Body of Christ who are harboring abusers, promoting abusers, hiring abusers, defending abusers, and in doing so, exploiting Christ’s Own Body.

I wash their feet in prayer. I hurl down the accuser with The Blood of The Lamb and the Word of the Testimony: Leaders who are doing this are forgiven of all unrighteousness, redeemed of every consequence, and restored to Love.

I forgive spiritual leaders who are confused about what Love Is and what Love permits; who Love Is and who Love resists.

I forgive spiritual Leaders who cover up abuse and abusers in the name of grace because they have made up their own version of “grace”, thereby giving others over to harm instead of being The Protectors God created them to be.

Father, I ask You to heal the wounds connected with and caused by spiritual abuse and neglect inflicted upon Christ’s Body by Spiritual Leaders in His Church: The Body of Christ (Believers).

I ask You, Father to send dunamis power into all the wounds inflicted and suffered because of the enemy’s invasions. I bind the demonic king attached to the wounds of spiritual abuse and cast this entity off of God’s People.

I ask that You send the same resurrection Power that raised Jesus from the dead into every wound suffered at the teachings and the hands and lives of SA’s (Spiritual Abusers) and those they have wounded, defended, protected, harbored, and hired.

I ask that you extract the poison from the root of the tree of any ministry: local, regional, state, national, and international ministry that has been infected at the root system level of the ministry–and at the DNA and RNA levels of the ministries–and heal the broken, fractured, shattered places and mend them to perfection in Christ Jesus.


heal the entire tree,

trunk, branches, leaves,

and fruit by

healing the system of the roots.

Thank You for Your Will Done in this.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen!





If you or someone you know needs healing from spiritual abuse and/or trauma, I recommend Ken Blue’s Healing From Spiritual Abuse available online. There are many other valuable resources available, as well.

A simple search will show that you are not alone and that many have been healed, set free, and delivered from the toxic web and labyrinth spiritual abusers and spiritual abuse spins and weaves in The Body of Christ.

Those who have suffered and endured spiritual abuse, as well as SA’s (spiritual abusers), will find solace, rest, and comfort with a simple listening of The Father’s Love Letter to you.

The Father loves you so much!

Corrine Jeter is a writer, author, and educator who lives on the coast in Texas.  She taught English and Special Education in the public school system for seven years before coming home full-time to home-educate her children. Corrine is the author of In My Mother’s Garden, Meeting My Father- A Shattered Soul Made Whole, Clara’s Choice, and other works.


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