garden flowers photo

The Lord has a garden in my town

A garden of flowers you see

He already sees in His mind

How someday this garden will be

There are all kinds of flowers in the garden

But God has planted each seed

Then He sent His Holy Spirit

To water and tend each need.

Some have grown tall and sturdy

Their beauty delights the soul

With blossom and sweet aroma

What a joy they are to behold!

Some are just a seed

With no sign of growth or a bloom

All by themselves in a corner,

Wrapped up and sealed in a tomb.

But The Lord has plenty of patience

And He loves each seed that is sown

Time will bring on new growth

In this garden that God calls His Own.

The Lord has a garden in my town

For all of the world to see

A garden of beautiful flowers

And the flowers are you and me..

Are you blooming where you are planted?

A sweet aroma to God?

Or are you still just a seed

Alone in the cold, dark sod?

Look up, for the Son is shining

And the rain of The Spirit is here.

Let’s bloom where we are planted

For the end of the season is near.

-Beverly Bartlett, The Lord’s Garden

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