Are you being trafficked?  

Were you being trafficked? 

Were you going to be trafficked?

Are their human trafficking rings and pedophile networks operating through the dental and medical programs and systems in the Rio Grande Valley, The Laguna Madre Region, and in the State of Texas?



It’s astonishing to me the “professional”, “educated” people who are trying to pressure others to “be quiet” about attempted murder(s) on school property during the instructional day in the public school system here and the human trafficking operations that are transpiring on the dental and medical field in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

These so-called “leaders” all play the same card: The “you’re lying” card.

They, like spiders spinning an intricate web, attempt to frame, and re-frame, false narratives on the victims/survivors here just like they’ve done in Michigan with the MSU and Larry Nassar case.

I wish it weren’t true–attempted murders, human trafficking, pedophile networks, satanic ritual abuse, human, medical experimentation, and the framing of false narratives to protect “special interests”–where we live.

But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t happening and that no one is immune.

What’s even more astonishing…and I think we need to look at this sociologically and social-economically…is HOW murders, attempted murders, human trafficking, harvesting of human body parts, selling of human body parts for genetic manipulation/engineering purposes,  eugenics, and the programming and re-programming of the cells of our very beings by agents of darkness are connected and related to public education, the judiciary, the religious system, and the dental/medical field in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, as well as the hunting and fishing gaming community.

What a rack and racket we have here!   

We must see how these are local, “Valley”, State-of-Texas, USA, and global issues that transcends every ethnicity and includes the entire human race.  Again, no one is immune to any of this. 

Murders, attempted murders, and human trafficking/pedophile networks are interrelated and connected to SRA (satanic ritual abuse) and all of the above mentioned and include the insidious process of:

* Sexual Abuse, Assault, Violations, and Exploitation

* The Forming of Trauma Bonds connected with Sexual Assaults and Abuse

* Various Forms of Rape which May or My Not Include Physical (penetration), Psychological, Financial, etc.–rape being a siphoning and stealing of one’s resources by a predator and/or the perpetrator, such as a business owner who siphons funds from his own patients/clients…a little here and a little there adds up to a lot over time, yes?

In the videography above, it’s amazing how the perpetrators and predators look like “normal”, everyday people.  Why? Because they are. 

They also hold positions of power that command respect.

I was ushered into the human/sex trafficking industry through systematic, serial, relentless, sexual misconduct/provocations/psy-ops operations enacted against me by the Head Master of the high school in Port Isabel, TX beginning in 2014-2016 with a two-year reprieve.

Then beginning again on August 21, 2108 during a School Board Meeting in the Administrative offices of the public school district with sexually charged comments as he was showing me pictures on his phone.  

From the high school in 2014, I was routed through the dental field via Port Isabel, TX where patients are routinely sent to an oral and maxillofacial dentist for basic cavity fillings using IV Sedation who is sexually assaulting his patients, as well as grooming, recruiting, drugging, blackmailing, and exploiting us. 

But my “initiation” into human trafficking and what I write about here began on the high school campus in Port Isabel, TX through relentless, sexual provocations, gaslighting, and stonewalling–all symptoms of acute abuse and a hostile, working environment– by the Lead Administrator there.  

I came in as a Parent of a young Learner enrolled on the campus, but I am also a certified Teacher in English and Special Education in the State of Texas, as well as one of two Administrators of a Homeschool.  

I share a part of my story here.

I, and my children, were rescued as we were being drawn into a full-blown trafficking ring by Officer Christina Esquivel under the Leadership of Texas Ranger and Police Chief, Tony David.  
Shining a white light, calling someone by name, asking how we are doing, and knowing one another in our communities is an antidote to being sucked full-into human trafficking operations.  These rings and networks, as well, operate the same way:  
through “relationship”. 

So does getting

out of them. 


* What is currently transpiring in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and in the State of Texas in this “network” is a systematic “grooming” process which includes the following phases:

1. Securing and Building of Trust

Masked by the code words of: “trust”, “family”, and “love”.

2. Sexual Assault/Abuse

Forming of Trauma Bond (s): is occurring through eye contact when victim is in a stunned and shocked “state” of mind; is occurring through slight-of-hand techniques, as well as the use of hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion.

3. Recruiting/Recruitment

This is being accomplished using slight-of-hand techniques, hypnosis, and hypnotic suggestion.

4. Drugging of the Victim/Survivor

This is occurring under the guise and misnomer of “IV Sedation” when, in truth, it is a “special cocktail” mixed and plunged/injected into the vein of the patient, completely unbeknownst to the patient but not unbeknownst to those working closely with the dentist, for the purpose of total control of the victim, undetected.

Controllers, handlers, programmers, operatives, recruiters, trainers, and drivers operate at high levels of the occult. .

Drugs may include but are not limited too:

A. Truth serum

Causes one to “tell the truth”

B. Aphrodisiac

Triggers hypersexualization

C. Sterility drug

Shuts down montly cycle; infertility; sterility.

D. Antidepressant

Fields the brunt of shock in the “waking up” phase

E. “Date Rape” drug(s)

Causes the one drugged to lose all inhibitions, reservations, ability to resist–especially if the one who administered the “special cocktail” sexually abused/assaulted and formed a trauma bond previously.

5. Exploitation (Prove & Promise)

Private and highly personal information will be submitted to the Predator by his/her victims such as what happened with Keith Raniere and “Nexium”. The pressure/suggestion to be “branded” will transpire by people connected with the Predator. He/she is careful–like a psychopath/sociopath/narcissist–to hide all evidence and cover proof. The Perpetrator has total dominion and control over those closest to him/her. They are bound by their pledges, vows, oaths, deals, agreements, and alliances. In fact and in truth, they are slaves. They are captives. They are captives trapped behind the door and are not making a free-will choice. Their free-wills have been totally hijacked. They are totally co-dependent on the toxic control of the Predator/Perpetrator.

During this phase, the recruit will be cued by the “staff/team” whether they are “accepting” of the “recruit” or not. There will be smiles and hugs.

Patients will also be escorted (literally) passed the deer heads, especially after “IV Sedation”. Certificates framed on the walls will be seen in plain sight, as well as pictures of all the supposed people the dentist(s) have “helped” to have “better lives”.

6. Acceptance and/or Rejection After Exploitation

A “recruit” will be “accepted in the fold” or “spit out of the practice”–one or the other. If accepted, the invitations to meet at private places will occur, such as is depicted in Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The network running the dental field in the RGV like a monopoly is occult-governed and controlled. Hygienists are trained accordingly.

7. Waking Up Phase

This begins to occur if the “recruit” has been “rejected”. It is a very difficult phase as the “grooming” process begins to be seen for what it is and for what it has been. The drugs are wearing off. The former recruit may have dreams, visions, and/or begin to “put the pieces together” like a puzzle and “connect-the dots”. Without a good support system, it can be worse than the original trauma. The victims and their families are thrown into chaos and confusion. People may feel like they are hanging on by a thread.

During this phase, victims/survivors may feel shame, hopeless, directionless, and experience an acute sense of “lost-ness”. It’s very important that a way is made for the survivor to talk and share their story. Anyone attempting to stop a victim/survivor from sharing their story is aligning with the predator/perpetrator and is guilty of attrition and re-traumatizing the victim/survivor.

The victim/survivor must not confuse people’s silence with rejection or that they just don’t want to get involved. This may be the case for some, but for the many, the wise know that when grief is the thickest, words must be the fewest.

8. React & Respond Phase

Victims/Survivors of human trafficking clearly have a “react and response” mechanism that is “set off” and this is healthy. Too many “cover-ups” in our churches, and in our medical, dental, education, and judicial systems have devastated entire cultures of people. See the writings of Mary DeMuth for further study and information on this.

9. Healing & Wholeness Phase

This is a very real phase, and the phase I am currently in (finally). But not everyone affected is in this phase yet. I would encourage people in this phase to be gut-level honest with those closest to them and not encourage anyone to pretend everything is “okay” when it is not.

There is also no “timeline” as to when everything is going to be “okay” or even “good”. It must never be implied that someone should “just move on” or “get over it”. I pray for those who are stuck because of unwise and uncaring words to become “unstuck”.

10. Arrest, Conviction, Sentencing, and Prison Term Phase for Predator/Perpetrators

I pray for this phase to come quickly for the predator/perpetrators and everyone covering for them. I recommend, for the men, the Hunts-ville Texas Prison System in the Wynne Unit where they may receive ministry from the Joseph Company Prison Ministry and have a hope of true rehabilitation by being personally connected with their Father–God–and restored to Love. Their true, God-given identities, purposes, and destinies will be restored to them for predators/perpetrators have identities that have been grossly hijacked.

For the women, I don’t know of a place where they can receive true, restorative ministry yet. But if I hear of a place inside the walls, I will share.

11. Moving on With Your Life Phase for Victims/Survivors

I look forward to this phase. I wonder what it will be like.

I look forward to the day when Phase 11 is a reality in my life and in the life of my family.

This process above isn’t something I’ve read about in a book or article. It is from my own heartbreaking journey out of the ashes. This process is taking place over time, and everyone is on their own journey of healing. I hope this has been helpful for anyone dealing with this or for those who know someone who is.

12.  Help One Another Phase 

This is when the perpetrator(s) are truly set free and he/she turns around and helps others who are trapped in the same snare they were once trapped in and they set people free. 


Corrine Jeter is a writer, author, encourager, and educator. She taught English and Special Education in the public school system for seven years before coming home to homeschool her children. Corrine is the author of over thirty books including In My Mother’s Garden, Meeting My Father- A Shattered Soul Made Whole, and Clara’s Choice. Gary, Corrine, and their five children live on the coast in Texas.

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