There are families in our region who have been bullied by oppressive, tyrannical leadership for decades and generations flowing from the top down in our district.

It’s over 100 degrees and hot as hell here but here are some fun facts:

The Laguna MADRE Region is built on a battlefield of a war that included people who were never told the war was over.

It ended in Jetersville near Virginia in a home when General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant.

Somehow the war started and ended on the same wealthy man’s property when his home had been attacked.

Our Region, including #Brownsville, Texas received word that the war ended several months later AFTER more unnecessary blood was spilled.

True Historians will be able to confirm this as fact.

Our own countrymen killed each other.

And it’s still happening here today.

Prayer Teams…Virginia…it’s time for some serious dismantles and RESTORATIONS here.

Between a bridge collapse and threats of more collapses, a school shooting and threats of more, attempted murders and murders—including against a Teacher here, pedophile rings and human trafficking networks, and many other traumas—

The “Keys” to The City, The City Gates, The Gateway, and To Nations HAVE TRANSFERRED HANDS and are now in the hands of “Lawfulness, Peace, and Order”.

Threats of lawsuits against Stakeholders in our public school district in order to suppress free speech and healthy, public discourse—even against prayer testimonials and against encouragement of those who represent lawfulness, peace, and order ()—are happening and we haven’t even started the new academic year.

Even yesterday a threat of yet ANOTHER LAWSUIT came streaming in down the pipes.

U.N. believable yet true!

Why would leaders from “the top down” be doing this?

Well, for one, there is a dangerous and lethal beehive “inside the tree” that “stings” and will continue to sting many people—even causing early deaths—if it’s not dismantled.

Annie, put your gun down. I’m not a threat to you.

So, “certified, professional beekeepers” are being called from within the jurisdiction here and from outside our jurisdiction.

Even from overseas!

YES. There are people who have jurisdiction here and are en route.

They aren’t pulling the card #TDBDE is pulling by citing “we don’t have jurisdiction there and no further action is required by you”.

What a gamble the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners took and they are losing.


Because The House always wins.


Always and eventually.

Back in our District–

There is “honey” in this “beehive” and “bees” and a “queen” who produce organic, delicious honey from the honeycomb, however they’re a danger to the “guests” who are coming to “a wedding” and a danger to “the bride and groom’s families “ and the whole “wedding party”!

They hide in “The Tree” and have formed quite a hive–and a honeycomb.

Find out why here and what must be done in this videography produced with concern for people in a district (#portisabelisd)and Region (#LagunaMADREregion) who are fiercely loved in the #RGV.

Blessings & Much LOVE!
Corrine Jeter
August 16, 2018

Corrine Jeter is a writer, author, encourager, and educator.  She taught English and Special Education in the public school system for seven years before coming home to homeschool her children. Corrine is the author of In My Mother’s Garden, Meeting My Father- A Shattered Soul Made Whole, Clara’s Choice, and many other works. Gary, Corrine, and their five children live on the coast in Texas. Bird Out of a Cage and Creator from the prophetic art of Janice Van Cronkhite.

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