Dear Friends, 

Enjoy a short reading

of excerpts from

In the Grove Among the Orange Blossoms.  

I’ve made it easy here to read as you listen. 








He could hide in The Grove quite nicely and run diagnostics, hidden and undetected.

No one wound ever have to know.







There was minimal to no connectivity in The Grove.

He could run his practice without anyone suspecting anything amiss.





He was afraid of her because he knew that she knew. She knew who he was and what he was about.

His worst fear wasn’t public humiliation.

It was exposure.

“Exposure is the greatest fear of the high-level occult operative,” she remembered.

All she did was simply show up.

She had called in The Light and all hell broke loose.

And now, there was no where left for him to hide. He was smoked out of the back room and he was fuming mad.

That same, sadistic anger he used to control everyone his whole life, especially his wives, flared out of his nostrils towards her

The only one who saw, bolted.

After her departure, his sadistic attack only worsened.

He made sure his psycho—attack was executed to where no one could see his gas-lighting technique.

She could not get out of his metron quickly enough.

She found her daughter and left promptly.





In The Grove, he could hide.

No one would ever have to know who he was and what he did.

He knew how to talk the talk of “revival” but inside, he was dead.

“A white—washed tomb,” Joshua explained.

He controlled the men and women in every gathering he’d been in

Control and being in control was his number one impetus.

Control was his driving obsession.

Control was the idol of his life and the “god” that occupied the throne within his inner sanctuary.

He passionately hated anyone who could see right through him.

These people were on “auto—target” as soon as he spotted them. Like most predators, he’d wait…

He’d wait until he could find someone alone in the room, and make his sadistic move.

His strategy was simple, really, yet undetected.

He’d go for the husbands first, then the wives.

He’d lavish the children with gifts.

People wondered aloud, “Doesn’t he have his own kids and grandkids? Why do they give so much to your family?”

Everything was from the dollar store, mostly.

Pretty butterflies donned watches given to the girls, and there were cards galore.

Gifts were dropped off at the house—porcelain boxes with pretty sayings, and new clothing outfits from the local superstore

Strangely, there seemed “strings attached”.

He and his wife were especially fond of the youngest daughter of a family he had only accomplished to divide. He was sure to plant seeds in the young girl’s heart against her parents at opportune times.

“Usually, it’s the PARENTS who are the problem,” he’d told the youngest daughter.

“It’s the ADULTS who are the problem.” He spoke into the youngest child’s ears.

On the contrary, it’s the adults—at least in THIS child’s life—who are PROTECTORS.

The Un—Godly, retired doctor has it wrong on all counts.

With so much gift giving—all of it supposedly “prophetic”—something seemed amiss.

Because it was.

“These are of the more dangerous kinds,” Joshua further explained. “They are as ‘the walking dead’ because they don’t have a soul matrix.”

Exposure was his greatest fear so he used a “love covers” and “forgiveness” script in order to remain undetected while practicing his dark arts.

“Let me know if you ever need any ‘help’. We’re here for you,” he texted her husband, after he attacked his wife.

In prayer appointments with him, which lasted no less than six hours, he had inserted a cue while the one being prayed for sat motionless in a hypnotic trance:

“I am a Godly man.”

Anyone challenged about his “god—liness” was internally configured and cued to fiercely defend him.

Cognitive dissonance ruled many who had been “prayed for” by him. 

He had bonded whoever he prayed for in “theophostic” prayer appointments to himself 

Again, anyone seeing him for who and how he really is—an imposter—will be challenged for they have been cued and coded if they’ve been in prayer appointments with him that he is “Godly” and therefore, does no wrong.

To the regular listener, these phrases aren’t scripts nor scripted.

But to the programmed multiple, they are passages used to bind others to chaos, and to themselves, for they come not from “The Fountain of Life” but from an entangled heart made of stone.

His false ministry has no power to produce the fruit of real and sustainable freedom in the ones being “scripturally spewed at” by him for they come from a bitter root planted in bitter soil growing up from a well with bitter waters in the man’s own heart.

“I turned water into wine. Surely I can turn his bitter waters to sweet.” Joshua offered.

It would take a miracle.

He’d need more than one.





All of his quiet, methodical, calculated attacks were sadistic.

Satanic in origin.

He would come to learn that he’d attacked the wrong women and men, and secretly, in the inner sanctum of his own heart, he dreaded the day his exposure would come. 

And come it did.

He would be dragged into court with people lined up at the door to testify against him.

Eagerly and happily so.

“How dare you mess with My Children!” The Just Judge would pronounce.

He had heard the cries of His Children against their slave—drivers.

The Just Judge had not turned a deaf ear.

The gavel came down hard on the bench.

The verdict resonated through the heavens and the earth.

“Guilty!” The Judge would announce. Decisively.

The man who messed with God’s Beloveds would be thrown in jail for the pre—meditated pain and trauma he’d caused so many of Papa’s Little Ones.

The man’s struggle from the mental illness that comes with being a programmed multiple had taken its toll on him and everyone in his metron.

He had shattered too many souls to count and his conscience had been seared as with a hot iron.

He had no true sorrow nor remorse over the sheer gravity of pain he’d caused in the homes and families Papa loves.

He secretly recounted all the marriages he’d ruined—even his own—with pride.

He’d intentionally fractured and shattered his own children, as all controllers and handlers do.

Sometimes, he connected with the pain he’d solely been responsible for but most of the time he covered it up with “Christian-ese” rhetoric and the talk of “revival”

Some controllers and handlers golf but not him. He obsessed over his dog, which he named after the pastor’s wife, who was called by the same nickname.

Except her nickname had an extension of “and cream”.

As in “Peaches and Cream”.

He liked to make sure she was carefully “tended too”, like a counterfeit vine—dresser caring for grapes on the vine.

Some would say his meticulous “care” and attention to his dog was…eerie.

Unnatural and…freakish.

He’d programmed his own dog!

Always taking things to the extreme, he not only trained and groomed his dog, as if she were a human being, but he’d programmed the dog to alert him to anyone who might even remotely suspect his experimentations on people.

He claimed to be “specially connected” with “The Holy Spirit”, but in reality, he was as a “white–washed tomb”.

A walking grave.

The walking dead.

A zombie.

He’d split entire gatherings of people for sport.

He’d watch “the splitting” and the shattering from a distance and those who brought forth their honest, authentic, heartfelt concerns were the ones blamed for these splittings.

My Goodness. What a travesty!

He’d find struggling, suffering, vulnerable groups of people and “set up shop”.

His cycle was twisted, abusive, and broken. Sociopathic. Like him.

There was One Who could deliver him from his perpetuation of decay and his propensity towards death.

People began to pray.






Secretly, he considered ruining lives under the guise of helping others, to be his greatest accomplishment.

He soaked and basked in how his pawns—his “slaves”—fiercely defended and protected him—especially against anyone who even remotely suspected his identity and secret activities.

He pulled the wool over the sheeps’ eyes in their very own pastures!

This caused a grin to form on his face–almost resembling a “perma-grin”.

Such is the predicament of one with a hollow soul—and of this one with porcelain mind control programming who has attempted to program others.

He knew there was a shepherd in the pasture who was easy to fool and was not protective of sheep. He drew people to himself in his closest proximity who were just like him–those who cared more about what people thought about them, and him, and not “offending” anyone–especially perpetrators and abusers– than following The True Shepherd, who fiercely loves while protecting the sheep of His Flock.

They would even lie to keep the peace.

In truth, these are the gatherings the “man of multiplicities” liked the most.

He gravitated, magnetically, to them.

He traveled from gathering—to shepherdless gathering—but he preferred his hub to be in the grove among the orchards.

No longer, however, would he be able to gather data from the back room or the sun room of his house in the grove with his face to the floor in a practice he called “marinating”.

He’d be moving soon.

Onto the next place.

He’d made sure his house was built to be “quiet” ensuring no one could hear, know, or find a thing…

However, the walls tell, you see?

Matter retains memory.

Even the rocks on the property cry out, as Abel’s blood cried out from the ground, for restitution for the blood of the saints.

Truth be told, the “man of multiplicities” was drunk on the blood of the saints. 

Consistent with his obsessive and controlling maneuverings, no one could do anything “right” in his estimations.


Only *he* was “right”.

He’d make sure, when all was said and done and he’d move all the pieces and players into their strategic positions, that he was the king of the pawns playing them against one another in his personal chess game.

He was a pro at chess.

Such are the maneuverings of “handlers”.

God would eventually heal the wounds he’d inflicted on the many naive, trusting, and unsuspecting people in the grove among the orchards.

They learned these lessons the hard way. But they did learn.






“WHO you are and WHAT you are doesn’t belong here,” he spewed in hateful, sadistic tones from his “quiet” house within The Grove among the orange blossoms.

No one would be able to see or hear him for he’d positioned his body against the group in his sun room.

“Remember who you are and what I’VE said about you,” her Father would remind her in the quiet, loving tones she’d come to know and love.

Soon after such a calculated and vicious attack, she’d receive an unexpected blessing from a true and good “father” in the land.

It was amazing how her life changed and was restored rather quickly.

Not perfectly; just quickly. 

There had been a recalibration.

She was immediately set upon new trajectory—

A Path of Peace.

The over—arching theme of “the blessing” was that she had a right to exist and that she had a right to be here.

This father’s words were completely opposite of the man who berated, belittled, and degraded her in The Grove among the orange blossoms weeks before.

This blessing was a validation of her legitimacy by a father FROM THE Father.

She recognized His Voice.

She doesn’t ever remember receiving “a father’s blessing” before except as a general prayer from someone standing in as proxy in large assemblies. 

This was different. This was personal. This was extra—special because it had God’s Presence on it.

It was a blessing rooted in Love.

A blessing rooted in His Authority.

Here was a father, not a groomer. Here was someone who was already surrendered and yielded to his Father and His Authority or else The Father wouldn’t have given him “children of his own”.

He may have had people who served him or worked for him out of duty and obligation, and not “family” who served because they were grateful for having been grafted in. 

Adopted. Not just on paper but an adoption of the heart.

This blessing came on the wings of a completely different place and posture than the man who attacked her in The Grove weeks before.

The man in The Grove attacked her from a heart full of pride, a desire to annihilate, and had a posture of “devilish dominance”.

This “father” blessed her from a heart filled with humility, a desire for harmony, with a posture of “Divine Dominion”.

This “good father in the land” wasn’t a controller nor a handler.

He wasn’t a “driver” nor a ”recruiter”.

He wasn’t a high—level, occult operative.

When he said, “Go.” People would go.

When he said, “Wait.” People would wait.

When he said, “Stop!” People stopped.

When he said, “Now!” People responded.

He was like “the Roman Centurion” whose family Jesus healed. Christ acknowledged him as one who “understood authority” and as one who was “yielded to The Father’s Authority” in his own life.

She could not have been more grateful to be…found 

She knew she had been found by Divine Appointment.




It was hardly detectable but present nonetheless.

The one(s) who bring abuse to light in our churches are seen as “the problem” while the abuser(s), who split churches, are seen as “the victims”.

People are separated, then questioned, whose stories don’t match up.

False reports abound.

People are pitted against one another. 

Families are separated—children from their mothers and husbands and wives from each other.

Conversations are interrupted; people are purposely distracted.

This is the fruit from the tree growing in The Grove. This is how things are orchestrated in The Grove among the orange blossoms.

It is strange; very strange.


The last time pastoral leaders practiced these types of “slight—of—hand” tactics, they were ousted from the church three years later when a coup mobilized against them. To think there can be true healing as long as leaders believe people need to be “protected” from those who are attacked—not protected from abusers—is a great deception.




For the people in The Grove among the orange blossoms, life is no picnic.

Despite appearances.

In The Grove, wolves can move right into the neighborhood and devour the sheep in the pasture. 

There, they’ll be fiercely defended, advocated for, and protected, while the sheep are torn to pieces one…by one…by one.

To those of us who have survived, a word of encouragement: I will not tolerate the encroachment of the enemy against you.–Father God





High level occult operatives and abusers have infiltrated the church, marketplace, and families for decades. Have they been medically configured to do so?

Are they programming others?

Controllers, handlers, programmers, operatives, trainers, and recruiters operate at high levels of the occult.

May we know who is laboring among us and what The Father is saying and doing about this.

He is not silent but loves us with fierce love and is fiercely protective.




In The Grove among the orange blossoms, no one had to ever know that he’d brought people to the brink of death, pre-meditatively, and then “rescued” them, there-by binding their soul to him and their spirit to chaos.

No one would know how he was the handler of many, even from great distances.

He controlled people through the chess game he enjoyed playing for hours-on-end in the back room of his “quiet” house in the middle of the orchard, while claiming to know nothing of computers. 

No one had to know he had blood on his hands-especially the blood of the saints.

He was drunk with “counterfeit wine”-drunk on the blood of those he’d brought to the brink of death.

It was The Grove’s “best kept secret”.

He was a “captor of souls”.

He knew that she knew.

He hated that she knew, and his desire was to kill her.




In The Grove among the orange blossoms, to say anything is to just make it worse. So no one says a thing. Even the request to make minor repairs on the “quiet” house is met with rage-a rage so oppressive, the response of the closest to him in his metron is a heaving, hyperventilation, and a wail so deep one can see the depth of the cave she’s been in for decades.

Sociopaths are systematic.


There’s a method to the madness.  





In The Grove,  they attempt to rewrite the stars and haven’t learned yet that there is no authorization to do this.

Leadership models consulting numerology websites to determine the day, time, and date of death of a person while accurate, biblical exegesis instructs to trust in God for He knows every hair on our heads.

People’s names are called out, even the President of the United States of America, with details numbers on how long he has to live.

Our Father, alone, knows the day, date, and season of our time here on the Earth.Seeds are planted in the souls and spirits of the listeners–especially the children–to follow suit and consult websites that reduce human life to scientific data points.

A young mother instructs her children to NOT consult the numerology website given from the pulpit and to trust in God with all of their hearts…lean not on their own understanding…acknowledge Him in all their ways and He will lead them along the path of life.

The recommend book is “The Gospel in the Stars” by Joseph Seiss.

The Gospel IS “in the stars” and the source and origin of information matters.…/…/1596054492





In The Grove, there are many things to be concerned, diligent, and vigilant about. This only serves to build…grit.

A pressing concern is how leadership divides and separates parents from their children in subtle ways.

Positioning their bodies between mothers and their children, pastoral leaders whisper in the ear of the child instead of inquiring directly and openly when a question needs to be asked.

It reminds onlookers of how things were in elementary school. Except this involves parents and their children so its a bit different.

In The Grove, there are many swimming in acute deception who are not able to see the forest for the trees.

And there are secrets in The Grove.









From The Grove, a man claims to have a “word from God” and invites himself into the homes of people in the Village to tell the men to “control their wives”.

Methodically, he explains that “God” has a “very big call” on the husband’s life but he must “control his wife” if he has any hope of God fulfilling the mighty destiny of God upon him.

The admonition to “control one’s wife” is spoken in a thick, South American accent and the body language of the deliverer of the “message from God” is strangely robotic.

When “the wife” listening calls the man’s bluff and cites him for a controlling spirit, he accuses her for he is “the man of God” and no one must EVER question him.



He sits on their living room couch with his hands between his knees, rocking back and forth, in some sort of trance–state as he attempts to get his “not-of-God” words out.

The Colombian commands—yes, commands—the woman who dare speak against him IN HER OWN HOME—telling her to “be quiet”.

As in: “Be quiet woman! Wench! You’re not even worthy to lick the gum off my shoe!”

He rudely informs her that he did not come to talk to her but to her husband. The Colombian wishes she did not exist, or if she must exist, she should be invisible.Seen but not heard. Controlled but not loved.She is as a “non-person” in this controller/handler’s estimation. He looks her up and down and determines to make her very…small.

This wife he strongly believes needs to “be controlled” grieves for the Columbian’s wife, who cannot wear clothing she enjoys without his strict approval nor have her hair the length or color that she prefers.

Everything revolves around him, you see? The “man of God”.

If he says, “Jump!”, she responds, and says, in classic, Stepford fashion, “How high, honey?”

And she jumps.

She jumps as high, mid, or low-level as he wants her to jump.

She is his fourth wife. Perhaps the other three got tired of doing jumping jacks?

The Columbian talks with pastoral leadership in The Grove and they decide that the man’s “non-word from God” is “from God”, so the woman who won’t compliantly be controlled is asked to step down from ministry until they can all figure out what the heck is going on in The Grove among the orange blossoms.

They never can quite figure it out in The Grove.

Surely, there is more going on than can be plainly seen. So much is hidden in The Grove among the orange blossoms- under the radar, in plain sight.

That this group-this “faction-has great influence-and is ALLOWED to have great influence-over The #Emmaus Community in the Rio Grande Valley (#RGV) should incite people to fervently pray and re-consider.






In The Grove, a convicted child sex offender is placed in a position of leadership over children.

He was one who liked to invite the youth over to his “basement”–a “media room” covered in black which could be accessed by walking down a narrow, spiral staircase.

The floor was black. The ceiling was black. The walls were covered with black curtains. Floor-to-ceiling posters of blood and gore donned the walls in the “media room” in the name of “art”.

“The youth love to come here”, the convicted child sex offender, who was not healed yet, announces.

Anyone bringing concerns to the attention of leadership was quickly called into a meeting with “leaders” over the “response and reaction” of the one(s) concerned.

“Have you heard his story?” one leader asked, benevolently on behalf of the unhealed child sex offender.

“You don’t have ‘grace’,” said the pastoral leader. “Who of any of us could serve in the church if it depended on us all being ‘perfect’?”

The accusations and questions were asked manipulatively.

“He is forgiven,” another leader stated.

“Yes, I agree,” was her first-person reply. “He is forgiven but he is not healed yet. There are too many indicators to count that he is not healed yet.  It is not safe for our children to be here.”

Again, the “lack of having ‘grace’” was cited.

She felt overwhelmed, unprotected, and deeply concerned for people who gathered there and for “The Mother Region”.

She knew she had to somehow get her family out of there.

To her sorrow, her son stayed and continued serving with the fragmented worship team. He was a blessing and pastoral leadership would call her husband, send texts, and say, “Your son is such a blessing” and everyone would be sure to reel him in telling him what a blessing he was.

Off-the-charts manipulation continued

And the Mother prayed. And prayed. And prayed. As all mothers do for their children.

In The Grove, they have a way of making people feel inclusive when they want to, and when they don’t want too, people are marginalized.  

There is a shadow group in The Grove. 

The cult-like symptoms, manifestations, and tendencies in The Grove are off-the-charts.

Shortly afterwards, a group-text went out around the church citing how “crazy” the woman, wife, and mother was who brought her valid, heart-felt concern to leadership of a convicted, child sex offender grooming the youth of The Mother Region.

You see, the youth of The Laguna Madre Region weren’t being mentored and discipled.

They were being “groomed”.

The were…groomed.

Her son and husband received the group-text sent from harmonics. Her husband received the text about how “crazy” his wife was and her son received the same group text saying how “crazy” his mother was.

Those seeds were planted in the hearts of her family while the ones who sent and responded to the text continued to serve on the worship team.

Her husband did reply to the “group-text” in his wife’s defense.

Although her husband knows she can stand on her own two feet just fine and well, it still meant a lot to her–more than he could ever know–that he came to her defense.

His wife is not “crazy” but she is deeply concerned about what is happening in The Grove among the orange blossoms.

The one who sent the “group-text” is indefensible and needs healing. He is “as a child” in a big boy’s body—a type of “Peter Pan” surrounded by “lost boys” who have never grown up. 

That this group-this “faction-has great influence–and is allowed to have great influence-over The #Emmaus Community in the Rio Grande Valley should incite people to fervently pray and re-consider the influence.

That this group has control and influence over peoples’ homeowner’s insurance is unconscionable. In truth, THOUSANDS of people’s homeowners insurance accounts are under the influence and jurisdiction of the people of The Grove.

Please pray.  Prayer is effective!

The seeds of division “harmonics”–we’ll just call him “harmonics”–planted in the hearts of this mother’s husband and this son’s mother were prayed through, uprooted, and aborted by faith and decree.

She wishes “Peter Pan” and his “Lost Boys” well. No “ill will”; and prays for his growth and maturity.

The life-song of The Peter Pan is “I don’t want to grow up; I’m a Toys R Us kid!” She prays the song changes to a more worshipful one. He likes to play on worship teams so it would only be fitting that his own life-song would change.

He was angry because a concerned mother questioned why his step-son was grooming the youth of The Region in a dark room at the bottom of a spiral staircase on his property.

The family he wounded and caused division in, is still healing from his group-text.

The woman, the wife, and the mother continues to pray for bad seed to be aborted and gives the weeds that have grown up in the garden of her family, produced from such bad seeds, to The Father.

Weeds are best placed in His Hands. The weeds come to death in his hands and he throws them into some kind of a fire.

These “weeds” are completely untangled from the rest of the plants and flowers in the garden so that the garden can grow, produce, and thrive beautifully–unobstructed by the weeds seeking to choke out the life of the plants.

The woman’s husband has been willing to get on his knees and pick every weed out of the ground in the back yard, forfeiting the use of the weed-eater, to ensure every weed from every bad seed comes out by the roots buried under the ground.

People are always sick in The Grove.

No one knows why. 






One of the many reasons the group in The Grove is considered a cult is because of its leader’s “veiled speech” during messages from the pulpit and in private conversations.

The “hit” that was called out from the pulpit on July 22, 2018, citing the day, date, and time of the President of the United States of America’s death was meant for her, and anyone in covenant relationship with her, as well.

In truth, “hits” are called out from the pulpit and in private meetings frequently.

It will take a discerning spirit, a discerning OF spirits, and people skilled in decoding to translate the veiled speech accurately.

Peoples eyes and ears are opening. They will be able to see, hear, discern, and perceive what was previously “hidden” in The Grove among the orange blossoms.

Why, even the Mayor’s eyes were starting to be opened.

“Why did you go back?” they asked.

She had gone back for her son.









It’s common knowledge and the experience of many that abusers and those who protect them are found comfortably hiding in our churches and this is no more prevalent than in the Laguna MADRE Region of South Texas.

In The Grove, abusers of every kind can find a comfortable place where they will be “loved”.

Being “loved” in The Grove means abusers will be protected, while their victims and the survivors will be blamed and accused of all sorts of horrible things.

In dysfunctional church cultures, the ones bringing concerns to leadership and to light are seen as “the problem” when they are actually Protectors and God sees them as soul-u-tions.

It’s so unfortunate that people choose to protect abuse and abusers in our church cultures in the #RGV. I pray the tide turns. I believe people will begin to prosper who are not prospering when they begin to STOP protecting predators and defending bullies.






It’s best just to not think about it, lest you come under the false judgment that one is ‘worrying’ and ‘afraid’.

If one talks about something ‘too much’—like the coddling, protection, advocacy, and support of predators and of predatory, abusive people—especially sexually predatory people in The Grove, the belief is ‘it’ll be fuel on the fire’.

Instead, throw the water of denial on the predatory presence and it’ll all just be okay.

“Being quiet”…as in ‘shhhhhhh….’ is a core value in The Grove among the orange blossoms cooked up with a false, foundational belief that the advocacy and “open arms approach” towards sexual predators and psycho—spiritual abusers will ‘make it all just go away’ and make everything ‘all better’.

In other words, “Kiss the boo—boo, put a band—aid on it, pat the one wounded two times on the back and it’ll be all better.”

There’s a code of ‘No Service’ in The Grove even though they are busy, busy, busy.


Doing, doing, doing.


Building, building, building.

Ego is alive and well in The Grove and the encouragement is that ‘no one has anything to be afraid of’.

What a bunch of malarkey.

On the contrary, in a place where sexual predators and abusers are fiercely defended, protected, and advocated for—EVeryone should be shaking in their boots.

Instead, everyone stands up and sits down at the command of the leader.

It’s the false shepherds in the scriptures who are seriously rebuked by God who say, “Peace, peace; there’s nothing to be afraid of” when there is no peace and there is plenty to be afraid of. 

The addiction to approval and of needing approval supersedes all rational—even supernatural—thought in The Grove.

When the people of The Grove stop taking their cues from each other, and the lady who shouts out “it’s Jesus talking” when the leader is sharing his message (insert eye roll here)—and when people begin to think God-thoughts and think for themselves again—

Instead of the ‘hive—mind’ and ‘group—think’ that’s pervasive and rules and reigns in The Grove—

Things will shift.

When quality and quantity worship of The Father, Son, and Spirit personally and corporately is emphasized in The Grove, instead of just singing songs to God and performing—things will shift for the people of The Grove.

The ‘root of idolatry’ will be dismantled in The Grove.

The ‘double-tap root’ of perversion and deception will be uprooted in The Grove that The King of Glory may come in.


It’s easy to fall asleep in The Grove—especially during the weekly service.

Literally, people are lulled off to sleep in the weekly meeting. Physically, it’s a battle just to stay awake—a symptom of a spiritual condition not OF Rest, but of something dark.

Very dark.

It’s as if an entity blankets the crowd and people become unusually tired and…want to fall asleep.

It becomes impossible to stay awake and this mesmerizing—like spirit lulls the people to a counterfeit, blissful rest.

It reminds one of a scene out of Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”, where the snake attempts to lull Mogley, the jungle boy, into a deep trance-state.

What’s the ultimate bargaining chip?

Protection for deception.

“I’ll offer you protection if you’ll let me practice deception.” this entity offers. 

And the offer was accepted. 

Early on…perhaps as a little boy…the agreement was struck and the deal was made.

In the movie, a bear rushes to rescue the boy, and a black panther:

But life is not the movies. Although, at times, it can seem like a nightmare.

It’s so easy to blame ‘the devil’ but this thing is like: “I’m not leaving because you let me in. You keep me here and you keep letting me in. You welcome me with open arms.” The entity hisses.

“You advocate for me. You defend and protect me. And in exchange, I will put all the people to sleep and they’ll call this ‘Peace’. They’ll even call me ‘The Peace of God’. The entity hisses.

“I am deception and perversion—a mesmerizing python—and I like it here in The Grove.” The entity boasts.

And squeezes tighter. 

I wonder what’s ‘in the air’ in The Grove—In the electromagnetic field that must shift?

It’s both a physical sleep and a spiritual sleep, and where?

Where are people going to sleep?

In the sanctuary.

Mostly, in the middle, on the left facing the old stage In The Grove—where the abusive, sociopathic, retired doctor sits, as he controls the metron there.

He’s even been seen placing attendees under ‘spiritual anesthesia’ as he places his hands gently up on their shoulders when they’re in a vulnerable, worshipful condition and it is as if he places them in a sleeper state.

When people he’s placed in a sleeper state ‘wake up’, what are they saying?  What are they saying about the man, and the pastor?   What is coming out of their mouths? 

“He’s a ‘Godly’ man.”  they are saying. 

They are reciting this ‘script’ on auto-pilot, having been ‘prayed for’ by a controller–a handler.   Controllers and handlers operate at high levels of the occult. 

People are more ‘awake’ who sit on the right side facing the old stage in The Sanctuary in The Grove.

There’s ‘haze’ in the sanctuary in The Grove masquerading as ‘incense’.

It’s a counterfeit incense.

It goes up before a counterfeit  “throne of worship” into the nostrils of The Dragon.

Every. Single. Week.

When the people of The Grove become like little children again, things will change in The Grove.

When the people of The Grove STOP protecting predators and defending their cousins, ‘The Bullies’, things will change drastically and for the better in The Grove Among the Orange Blossoms.

Until then, abusers and predators are fiercely defended and advocated for—in The Grove.  They have ‘open borders’ in The Grove and abusers and predators are welcomed with open arms. 

The Grove is a magnet for sexual predators and psycho—spiritual abusers. There, among the orange blossoms, they are safe and sound.



There are indications, here and there, that things are shifting in The Grove. But the double tap-root of perversion and deception growing a ‘tree of idolatry’ that is producing fruit after its kind still needs to be uprooted.

As the abusive doctor loses his grip on The Grove, for he functioned as the leadership’s ‘handler’ in The Grove Among the Orange Blossoms, people may get their gathering back.

As sexual predators lose their grip on The Grove among the orange blossoms, the people may get their gathering back

The toxic, highly dysfunctional entanglements that existed in ‘The Compound’ will need to be dis-entangled if people are ever to have a healthy gathering where people may actually be sustainably healed.

Again, it’s the false shepherds in the scriptures who are seriously rebuked by God who say, “Peace, peace; there’s nothing to be afraid of” when there is no peace and there is plenty to be afraid of.

Things will never be the same in The Grove, you see?

Hopefully, things will be better. People will truly get better in The Grove.


The Father loves the leader and the people too much to let them run from this.

I believe He will see him and his crew all the way through.

The Father is especially fond of the children.  He doesn’t want them harmed.  

There must not be any children’s ministry leader taking pictures of our children in an attempt to set them up in romantic relationships with one another in The Grove.  My Goodness!  These kids are still very young.  Eleven and twelve years old! 







“Finally this question, is a man truly a shepherd when he allows the wolves to devour the lambs because he is afraid of the consequences of confrontation?

Isn’t it the very definition of a shepherd that he stops the wolves, that he protects the sheep, and that he guards the flock?

When we fail to protect the innocent because we are more interested in protecting the reputation of institutions (or people) we serve, we not only fail those very institutions, we fail the sheep and fail the Chief Shepherd.

We have failed too often.

There are too many stories like this one and too many scars that have never been able to heal.

Let them be told.

Let us repent.

Let us learn to be shepherds again.

God help us.”

-Truth In Crisis


The need for approval and acceptance is pervasive and overwhelming in The Grove.

The priority isn’t the approval and respect of God but the approval and fear of man.

This is why sexual abusers and psycho—spiritual oppressors thrive in The Grove. In The Grove, predators and abusers are fiercely advocated for, defended, and protected.

They have “open borders” in The Grove among the orange blossoms.

Mama, it doesn’t matter how young or old our sons and daughters are. Keep praying. Keep protecting. Keep showing up.

The shepherd and his team are deceived in The Grove.

Let’s hope it’s a temporary condition.







They have a “react & response” phase in The Grove.

When predatory behaviors and abuses are brought to leadership’s attention, those bringing concerns are brought into meetings to talk about the concerned ones’ reaction, response, lack of grace, and lack of mercy.

Sympathy is donned on the predator and abuser.

In The Grove, the response consistently has been ‘victim—blaming’, lack of advocacy, lack of support, and lack of protection for those concerned or attacked—for those victimized.

Those with concerns are called into meetings to keep their reactions and responses ‘in check’.

This is how the cycle of abuse keeps going, with little to no challenge at all.

Those bringing issues and pressing problems to light are seen as ‘the problem’ while those who have sexually assaulted and sadistically attacked others are seen as ‘the victims’.

Again, this is how the cycle of abuse keeps going, with little to no challenge at all.

This is also a ‘react & response’ phase in groomers’ arsenals.

For victims and survivors, the lack of advocacy, support, and protection is often worse than the original attack or infraction.…/




In The Grove, is communion being experienced in an ‘unholy manner’?

Is there is ‘little—to—no examination’ and they don’t ‘discern the Body’?

Are they are sick all the time, dying early, and have they exchanged the sacred for the profane? In The Grove, they protect abusers and predators, fiercely advocate for them, and blame their victims for their attacks.

Where is The Grove among the orange blossoms? For one, it’s in The #LagunaMADREregion of #SouthTexas in the #RGV. But The Grove could be anywhere.




People in the community and surrounding areas call The Grove a “cult”.

This is because researchers and experts have put together various characteristics of what makes a gathering of people a “cult” and what doesn’t and The Grove fits most of the criteria.

There’s an old adage that says “if it walks like a duck…and talks like a duck…then it’s probably a…duck,” and this is true for The Grove among the orange blossoms.

Probably the #1 “need” of the people who are drawn to The Grove and who actually stay in The Grove is the drive for the need for approval from leaders and leadership.

There is a profound “pull” towards what’s called “the fear of man” and “the approval of men” that is intrinsically embedded in the genetic code of The Grove among the orange blossoms.

It’s a highly toxic environment.

A breeding ground for toxicity.

I was reminded today of how people are “set in” to leadership in The Grove.

There is a sort of ‘sneakiness’–an ‘under-handed-ness–a deception of some kind


Probably the most troubling thing of all in The Grove is their fierce protection and advocacy for active, sexual predators grooming the youth and children and for their fierce defense of abusers who attack unsuspecting victims–attendees who visit The Grove.



In The Grove, people cheer and clap for the man who beat his wives to a pulp with both of his fists and with his words.

Thrown up against walls with their faces bloodied and their souls and spirits broken, he tells them he’s “sorry” and he’ll “never do it again”.  


He shattered

each one

of these women

into a million pieces. 


Early, childhood sexual abuse messes with everyone’s past, present, and future.

With two arrests behind him, he’s invited to preach the Word in a gathering of people notorious for protecting sexual predators and abusers since their very beginnings.

They’ll call this “grace” and ‘Christian-ese’ anyone who dares to challenge the continual protection of abusers, citing a “lack of mercy” accompanied by victim-blaming dished out on a palette for the survivor to eat off of.  

No thanks. 

The sheer depth of a lack of advocacy for survivors of attacks happening within their own ranks is astounding.

Shocking, really.

It’s only a matter of time, pending true and sustainable deliverance, integration, and deprogramming that the one with “the spirit of the Arabs” strikes again.

His smooth voice is captivating and his speech; veiled. He stands high-and-lifted-up; not on level ground.

There’s a well of deception and delusion in The Grove.

Mostly delusion.

People drink freely.

It’s like being with the cast on a “Star Wars” movie set complete with a “Hans Solo” and the one who “mans the aircraft”.

The “guards” are in position with their backs against the wall.

People are wondering when this plane is going to land. Some wonder what planet these people are on.

Pastoral leaders are smitten–enamored–even infatuated with each other and with the one who will strike and shatter a woman again and again, pending healing.  


isn’t the same as


And harmonics plays the bongos with his hair blowing in the wind.

Like dust.

Dust in the wind.



—excerpts from “In the Grove Among the Orange Blossoms”


Dedicated to all those who have suffered at the hands of no-love  and abusive tactics in our Christian church cultures. 


Dedicated to all those who have suffered at the hands of no-love  and abusive tactics in our Christian church cultures. 


Corrine Jeter is a writer, author, encourager, educator, and survivor. She taught English and Special Education in the public school system for seven years before coming home to homeschool her children. Corrine is the author of In My Mother’s Garden, Meeting My Father- A Shattered Soul Made Whole, Clara’s Choice, and many other worksGary, Corrine, and their five children live on the coast in Texas.

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