The traumas endured at the hands and ministries of spiritual abusers in The Body of Christ has been staggering and heartbreaking.

Story after story, experience after experience, has left Christ’s Body fractured, shattered, and broken in many places–needing healing.

What makes spiritual abuse insidious is when a person with significant, yet mis-directed spiritual authority inflicts and afflicts another in the Name of God using witchcraft, dark power.

There is always an emphasis on control and submission in the language of spiritual abusers.

Narcissism is a common character defect of those who are spiritually abusive.

Freedom in Christ is the biggest fear of a spiritual abuser. They do not have freedom in Christ and neither will they allow you to have freedom in Christ.

They have a head knowledge that they are “sons and/or daughters” of God, yet their actions tell the story of the orphan or of one who has “an orphan heart”.

Spiritual abusers have a “ministry of condemnation”, not reconciliation.

They beat the sheep over the head with their rod, which is called a “Bible”. 

Spiritual abusers have not Love. 

Christ’s Body is “weighed down with heavy yokes”, no matter what an SA is saying because the spirit of the SA (spiritual abuser) is defiled so that the message is not Good News.


In an SA’s (spiritual abuser) life, there is a defilement also, on time and on timing.

The hope for the spiritual abuser (SA)

is found in God becoming

“Father Time” or

“The Father of Time”

to the SA, personally.


Abusive Leaders usually have messages about how much more people need to be “doing” or have to “do” in order to please the Leader and even to “be right with God”.

Spiritual abusers seek workers.  Slaves.  People they can enslave. People who they can control, and who are “controllable”. 

Anyone not perceived as “controllable” is labeled and judged as a renegade sheep.

Spiritual abusers are great guilt-producers when they perceive one isn’t “working hard enough”.

“Jesus says the fields are ripe but the laborers are few,”  is a favored Scripture passage of spiritual abusers.

What they fail to understand is that Jesus gives His Own Body meaningful work for their hands to do–meaningful purposes for our lives.  Jesus gives what no man nor woman can.  He gives us our identity, purposes, and destiny.

“Faith without works is dead” is a spiritual abusers key life-Scripture.  


Spiritual abusers (SA’s)

use Scripture

to drive the sheep

with a cattle prod,

not a Shepherd’s staff

Yet, it’s the True Anointing of God that breaks and lifts heavy yokes off the shoulders of the sheep…the people.

Here is a prayer of forgiveness for spiritual abusers in The Body of Christ.

We are called into “The Rest of God” because this is the Inviation of Jesus. 

He says, “Come to Me, all who are weary and weighed down with religion and I will give you…rest for your souls.”

Wow! What a beautiful Promise!

Spiritual abusers (SA’s) can’t lead people into the Rest OF God by Way of Love because they do not have Rest, nor know Rest, themselves. 





The Father says that it is “His Good Pleasure”  to give us the keys to The Kingdom.  

Jesus says, I give YOU the keys to The Kingdom. 

What are “The Keys to THE Kingdom”, anyway? 

They are “keys to bind and loose”, tie up and set free.

One day, Jesus handed me a very large, heavy ring filled with keys.

He said, These are The Keys to My Kingdom.

He said, You will need to inquire of Me to know which key goes into which lock, door, window, and gate.  Otherwise you will not know which key goes into which lock to open or shut doors, windows, gates, portals, and realms. 

He said, I will show you which key goes where and when, in My Name and in My Timing.

The Father is a Good Father and He will not give His Keys to His Kingdom to infants, toddlers, teenagers, and immature adults  He is giving the keys to The Kingdom to maturing sons and daughters–not orphans. 

Sons and daughters

get the keys to the house,

the cars, and all the toys–

and they get the combinations to

safes and vaults,

as well

Strangers to the house and family do not.  

Servants and slaves do not get privileged information and intel unless they manipulate, connive, and steal to obtain it. And, of course, The Father doesn’t approve of that.  He doesn’t authorize obtaining insight in those ways because He recognizes that manipulation, conniving, and stealing is from the devourer, the thief, the liar:  the devil.


Jesus gives us Keys to His Kingdom

and one of the Keys on the Key Ring is

“The Key of Rest”.


One of the best ways to enter into God’s “rest” is to spend time worshiping Him and spending time with Him, alone.

Find a quiet place and listen to All Who are Thirsty by Vineyard Worship, or sit quietly and invite His Presence to come.

Write down what you are seeing, hearing, sensing, and perceiving as you spend time in God’s Presence.  The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit want to speak to you and show you great and mighty things that you cannot know otherwise.  

They want to give YOU the treasures of darkness and the secret riches of hidden places, so that you will know that it is God who summons you and calls you by your name.  You are His. And if you do not yet belong to God, He wants to adopt you as His Very Own Beloved Child. 

He loves you.




Those who have suffered and endured spiritual abuse, as well as SA’s (spiritual abusers), will find solace, rest, and comfort with a simple listening of The Father’s Love Letter to you. After you listen to this (as many times as you need), read through the Prayer of Forgiveness of Spiritual Abusers aloud.

The Father loves you so much!

A Prayer of Forgiveness

for Spiritual Abusers in The Body of Christ

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I forgive the spiritual leaders in the Body of Christ who are abusing people and who are sympathizing with abusers and abusive styles of leadership.

I forgive spiritual leaders in the Body of Christ who are harboring abusers, promoting abusers, hiring abusers, defending abusers, and in doing so, exploiting Christ’s Own Body.

I wash their feet in prayer. I hurl down the accuser with The Blood of The Lamb and the Word of the Testimony: Leaders who are doing this are forgiven of all unrighteousness, redeemed of every consequence, and restored to Love.

I forgive spiritual leaders who are confused about what Love Is and what Love permits; who Love Is and who Love resists.

I forgive spiritual Leaders who cover up abuse and abusers in the name of grace because they have made up their own version of “grace”, thereby giving others over to harm instead of being The Protectors God created them to be.

Father, I ask You to heal the wounds connected with and caused by spiritual abuse and neglect inflicted upon Christ’s Body by Spiritual Leaders in His Church: The Body of Christ (Believers).

I ask You, Father to send dunamis power into all the wounds inflicted and suffered because of the enemy’s invasions. I bind the demonic king attached to the wounds of spiritual abuse and cast this entity off of God’s People.

I ask that You send the same resurrection Power that raised Jesus from the dead into every wound suffered at the teachings and the hands and lives of SA’s (Spiritual Abusers) and those they have wounded, defended, protected, harbored, and hired.

I ask that you extract the poison from the root of the tree of any ministry: local, regional, state, national, and international ministry that has been infected at the root system level of the ministry–and at the DNA and RNA levels of the ministries–and heal the broken, fractured, shattered places and mend them to perfection in Christ Jesus.


heal the entire tree,

trunk, branches, leaves,

and fruit by

healing the system of the roots.

Thank You for Your Will Done in this.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen!

Corrine Jeter is a writer, author, and educator who lives on the coast in Texas.  She taught English and Special Education in the public school system for seven years before coming home full-time to home-educate her children. Corrine is the author of In My Mother’s Garden, Meeting My Father- A Shattered Soul Made Whole, Clara’s Choice, and other works.




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