Anoint yourself with oil before you go into this appointment. You’re going in to see a king.

He was a bad king. A very bad king, indeed.

His father was the false angel of light-

The prince of the power of the air.

He used words such as “family”, and “trust”, and “love” just to trick her. His plan was to traffic her and her children and harvest body parts for genetic engineering purposes, for he’s building his own army one injection at a time.

Truth be told, he’s the “owner” of many.

The systematic grooming process he used included sexual assaults of adults and children and the mixing of “special cocktails” for his patients which he called  “IV Sedation”.

Sedations included a truth serum (causes one to tell the truth), an aphrodisiac (causes hypersexualized responses in the recipient), a sterility drug (causes sterility, missed cycles, and miscarriages), an antidepressant (fields the brunt of shock when one wakes up after Phase 7 of a 12 Phase “grooming process”), a “date-rape” drug (causes the recipient to have no inhibitions, no ability to say “no”, and the desire to have relations with the administrator of the drug), and whatever drug or cue insertion convinces the “slave/pawn” that the lead physician is “God” during the surgical procedure in a place called “the twilight zone”. 

The 12 Phases of the grooming process, barely traceable, much less detectable are as follows:  

1.  The Building & Securing of Trust Phase 

2.  The Sexual Assault Phase 

3.  The Recruitment Phase 

4.  The Drugging Phase 

5.  The Prove & Promise Phase 

6.  The Acceptance or Rejection After Exploitation/Blackmail Phase 

7.  The Waking Up Phase 

8.  The React & Respond Phase 

9. The Healing & Wholeness Phase 

10. The Arrest, Conviction, & Sentencing Phase of Perpetrator

11. The Moving On Phase

12.  The Help One Another Phase 

Owning Our Personal Journey of Healing:



Nine months later, after her decompression, she walked into an appointment with yet another king.

This king was different, however. He was a good king, a brother, and a good “father in the land”.

His Father was The King of Kings and Lord of lords—The “Father Of Lights” who does not change nor shift shapes and shadows.

He used similar words as the bad king, as well, and spoke the language of “family”.

He, too, said her children were “pretty”. 

Instead of a “deer—in—headlights” response upon his word choices, she felt like she could release a deep breath she’d been holding inside of her lungs for a long time.



This time, however, it was the Breath of Life instead of the breath of death.

Doors were opened and closed for her and nothing vile or defiling was whispered in her left ear, nor her right, upon the entrance or the exit. There was no groping or stroking of the private areas of her body during appointments through slight-of-hand tactics.

No one was recruiting through hypnosis techniques. 


Not ever.

There was HONOR.

There was an invitation to relationship by acknowledging “family”, not recruitment which includes the presence of some form of violation, blackmail, and exploitation.

There were sincere, conversational exchanges that bore the fruit of love, joy, and peace, kindness, cameraderie, consideration, advocacy, and hope.  There was an acknowledgement and an affirmation of her personhood. 

There was a giving and a receiving of respect and a willingness to listen. 

There were opportunities to truly be heard.

There was the presence of a mutual committment to loyalty to God and to all things that are good, right, and true in the world. 

There was an authentic, fatherly/daughterly as well as brotherly/sisterly connection, and the Presence of Protection with Integrity.  

There was no defilement in his words nor his touch—his handshakes carried no “secret society” posturing or inflections.

On the contrary,

his hands were clean.

VERY clean.


They were praying hands.


There began to be Restoration in her life where there had been decay before. A new trajectory was set into motion as quickly as what seemed to be in the blinking and in the twinkling of the eye.

There was even a Restoration that needed to happen from her early childhood, as Peace settled in “the innermost places”.

There were no fireworks or fanfare, but definitely an inner momentum, newfound joy, and a desire to draw closer to THE King.

The Lion King. 

Hope sprung new!

He adopted her into his heart as his very own family and she adopted him into her heart as her family, as well.

There was an inner “witness”, and confirmations, that she was a “God-send” and he, too, a “God-send” and that she was in the middle of a long-awaited, Divine Appointment. 

“Friend or foe,” Father?  she had asked. 

Friend.  Her Father replied.

There was the piercing reminder and revelation that the enemy often sends counterfeits before “the real” shows up-

the ones God intended.  

The ones who are a “perfect fit”. 

A perfect match. 

Without being medically configured to be so. 

As he blessed her and spoke words of life and encouragement over her, she sat in awe, and listened. She heard.  She received every word. He freely and without reservation gave her a “Father’s Blessing”-a Family blessing— from his heart as a father and a brother— not as someone who occupies one of the highest seats of influence in the land. 


He didn’t bless her from his throne,

but from a posture of humility

with a towel and a basin

in his hands.  

He washed her feet and

bathed her in prayer. 


In blessing her, he didn’t lord his position over her. 

He was not , is  not, and will never be an “overlord”. 

He was a servant–a son–of the Most High God. 

She could not have been more thankful.  

In her heart of hearts, she needed a good father…a Godly father…a good brother…a Godly brother…a good friend…a Godly friend…and not the types of fathers and brothers and friends she’d known. She knew her heavenly Father and that she was not a slave nor an orphan, but she had been waiting a long time for the natural manifestation of this spiritual reality. 

She would not choose her spiritual father(s) and mother(s), sisters and brothers from her own will done.  She had done this before and messed up terribly.  The result was always a broken heart and a soul filled with disappointment. 

No, she would wait, and let God choose.  She’d let God bring what she needed into her life according to His Will Done and in His Timing. 

And she waited a very long time.


As this “good king” prayed a blessing over her life as a father would bless a daughter, and as family would bless one another, instead of wilting like a dried-up, lifeless flower, her spine straightened and her wings, which had been clipped and matted against her sides, unfolded and expanded. 

She began to hold her head up high again on the inside. Not in a posture of pride, but of humility and an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be chosen for such a time as this- for such a father and a brother and a friend as this.

She could not be more grateful.  She didn’t want to make a big deal out of how grateful she was, so she just listened and received the words of life, love, and acceptance spoken over her.  

She returned the blessing. 

She could feel herself blossoming again, like she was created to flourish.  

This felt “normal”.  

This felt naturally supernatural.

This was “good”. 

She was given permission by this “good king”- this “good family”- to be who she was created to be.  Her uniqueness was affirmed and acknowleged.

Instead of judgment and condemnation, pointing fingers and accusation, she received blessing and acceptance.


Instead of the groping of her breast,

she received a professional,

friendly, and safe embrace.


She felt clean.


She found a “father” who wouldn’t videotape her without her permission, if ever.  He would never sell her to others, nor sell her out. 

She found a “father” who wouldn’t practice psy-ops on her in an attempt to dominate her soul and spirit for eternity.  

She found a “father” who would never beat her in sociopathic rages at random intervals over the course of her life, especially when she was first developing or about to enter into a new season of life.

She found a “father” who would never run psy-ops-style training sessions just for sport as if she were his latest white-tail deer hunt.  Or trophy game.  She was neither a high, mid, low level or lower-than-the-lowest-level “hunt” to this “good father”.  

He was a father;

not a hunter. 


He was not

   a “hunt-her”. 

Nor a 



He affirmed that she was a human being, made in the image of God, with…feelings…and a connection with God that is unique, legitimate, and worthy of protection and honor.

She felt…valuable.  And valued.

Like a rare gem of some kind. 

He affirmed her existance and communicated that she had a right to be alive and a right to be here.    

This “good father, brother, and king” was someone she could fully get behind, support, encourage, and lay down her life for. This was someone she could trust around her family. 

She found a father, brother, and king who wasn’t a high-level occult operative. She found a father, brother, and king who was not an “own-her”. 

She found a father, brother, and king who would never sell her to the highest bidder for medical experimentation purposes. 

She found a father, brother, and king who would never shatter her intentionally, nor re-configure and detail her innermost places with intricate mind-control programming codes, cues, scripts, and triggers in order to control her, undetected, for the rest of her life, no matter the distance.

It had taken her two-and-a-half years to deprogram and get on the road to restoration.  Deprogramming was excrutiating.  It often felt like reversed-electric-shock.  Being flooded with other people’s memories–memories that weren’t even hers–was absolutely terrifying. That her deprogramming and decompression was initiated by The Great Physician was the hope she clung onto through the entire hellish process.



Ask Me to have mercy on your father, Father God said, as she drove down a country road one day in The Birthplace of Texas. 

She thought for a moment…about the invitation to “ask God to have mercy” on her earthly father.  What had her biological/earthly father done that her Heavenly Father would make such a request of her?

His request was an Invitation:  Ask Me to have mercy on your father.

What had her father done that he would need…God’s mercy?  Why was this request being made of her? 

“Okay. Will you have mercy on my father?” she asked her heavenly Father as she drove the back roads towards home. 

Yes.  I will.  Was her Father’s clear reply.

Over the next few years, a nightmare unfolded before her of exactly why her father would need mercy, and why he would need an intercessor–a daughter–to pray for him to The Father.

Her earthly father was not a good father.  But he was the best father he knew how to be, under the circumstances of his personal and professional connections, his own shortcomings, and the family he was born into. 

As she received the blessing of a Good father, brother, king, and friend–all in oneand he received her as his own family, she found air in her lungs she didn’t even know was there. 


She could…breathe.

She would not want to disappoint this father, friend, brother, king.  She would think twice about the things she said and did and if it didn’t encourage him, she wouldn’t say or do it.  

This same newly-awakened devotion translated over into her family and her marriage began to improve dramatically, miraculously, as did her connection in other friendships God was bringing into her life.  

Provisional checks started to come in the mail from hard work her and her husband had done and they began to experience sudden breakthroughs in their finances. Everything seemed blessed in the hours after this “good father” blessed her with a Family Blessing.

Even the hard stuff was blessed.  

She didn’t have to beg him to bless her.  He willingly blessed her.  

All she had to do was ask.


And everything on the inside came to a place of profound rest, peace, security, stability, and Joy.


The truth is that

she didn’t “find” him. 

He found her.

In a sea of people,

she was found BY him.

This is what it is to

be “found”,  

she thought

She was found

by a good father,

brother, king,

and friend.

And her shattered soul

continued to be made



The Father of Love’s family continued to grow and prosper in peace, justice, goodness, grace, and mercy, despite many challenges.

He remained as a “father judge”, a “brother to many”, a “friend”, “family”, “king”, and a Father OF Love in the region–a spiritual father to many.


And there was Light in the land.

And Peace.

Divine Appointments.

Fierce Love.

Corrine Jeter is a writer, author, encourager, and educator. She taught English and Special Education in the public school system for seven years before coming home to homeschool her children. Corrine is the author of In My Mother’s Garden, Meeting My Father- A Shattered Soul Made Whole, Clara’s Choice, and many other worksGary, Corrine, and their five children live on the coast in Texas.

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