It took her awhile to crack the code, but when she did, it felt like standing in a clear pool of water underneath a waterfall in the mountains of Montana.

Even though she realized the woman reminded her husband of her in her younger years, she was exhausted– depleted–from making constant excuses for his womanizing. She had lost count of all the women, men, and children her husband had taken advantage of every time they walked into his medical practice.

He had taken sexual advantage, financial advantage, and every other advantage of every person who graced the double-glass doors of every practice he’d ever opened.

He liked body parts–all body parts–not just teeth. He was in the business of extractions– extracting souls extracting spirits right out of people’s bodies and extracting teeth.  He was also all about implants. Implanting binds and bondings between his patients and himself through groping and stroking private body parts like breasts, and scrotums.  He was obsessed with seeds and seed plots and tips…like fingertips and just…tips…tips in general.

His wife knew his game. She even played the game–on and off–like gambling.

In her own operations, she’d long forgotten that The House always wins, and her husband must have forgotten, as well, because the last Fawn he’d groped and stroked in order to trigger a sexual response, binding, and fierce loyalty to himself, knew The House always won.

Fawn also knew The Father of The House fiercely loved her and warred against those who tried to break into His House. He was her Warrior, and he warred against those who tried to shatter Fawn.  

You see, He didn’t like the behaviors of bandits and thieves. He fiercely protected His House and all those who lived There from thieves who tried to come into His Gates any other way than through “The Shepherd’s Gate.”

She was tired–and sick–over her husband constantly throwing away their dreams. Dreams they had spent long hours talking about and mulling over under the stars of blackened skies in their younger years.

She was brokenhearted–again and again–and over and over–that her husband so easily threw away the dreams they had together. She’d waited what seemed like a lifetime for him to start remembering what they were.

She’d prayed for him until her tears, which could fill an ocean, dried up.

His womanizing had cost them well-over five million dollars. Easily. In truth, she lost count of the money–there’d been so much thrown away over the years.

Lawyers and senators, judges, governors, and co-workers were constantly having to be paid off so that they would shut their mouths and cover up his ‘hunting expeditions’.

He had ‘levels and levels’ of hunting expeditions:  high, mid, low, and lower-than-the-lowest-level ‘hunts’.

Deer mounted on the walls of his office were a reminder to his Patients as they walked by, sedated–by him. The mounted message of the deer on the walls?  

“This is you.”  

Some of his “Mounties” even had “eyes”.  Like, cameras. Some eyes were “angry” and some were “happy”, according to one assistant.

His hunting expeditions were people. Not only deer, and fish. 

Her husband hunted unsuspecting and trusting people and suddenly, her heart began to break.


Instead of breaking for herself, as her heart was already in a million pieces, her heart began to break for the ones her husband harmed under the guise and the deception of helping people.

Her heart broke for the ones her husband robbed and ripped off, assaulted, and molested. By the time these trusting people figured things out, their money and self-worth was siphoned and deposited in Swiss Accounts all over the world.

The gravity and the weight of depravity that she married began to dawn on her like the setting of the sun descending over the horizon. 

By the time trusting people figured things out, their lives were in ruins; their marriages on the brink of divorce–and many of their marriages simply ended. All semblance of harmony evaporated out of the homes of his Patients. 

She had watched the string of devoured lives and recognized that she had married a monster. She had married The Beast. She had married one who sought to bind everyone in his sphere of influence, and beyond, to The Beast.

She knew he was drunk on the blood of the Saints.

She knew the blood of the martyrs was on his hands.

He had made too many mistakes.  And, he was about to make more.  Mistakes. 

Instead of protecting her predator-husband, she had an epiphany.  She realized she was having a change of heart. It happened slowly, but then there was an acceleration of some kind.

She began to identify with The Fawns, The Calfs. The Does, The Bucks, The White-Tailed Deer.  These were not deer but people– people who had been so deeply harmed by her husband.

His “team” hated her because of the information she had acquired over the years–decades, really–of videos, audios, books, pictures, and rendezvous he’d manipulated and arranged for, for he was the handler of many.  She was so smart to gather all of the information over the course of time.  This “information” wasn’t being gathered to frame his victims and the survivors of his deceptions.  It was gathered against him. 

And she had quite a case against him.

She was a smart woman.

She had so much intel on his entire staff that even at the mention of her name in his practices, his staff would roll their eyes and shrink back at the mere reminder of her existence.

If they could just make her disappear; make her go away; they all thought life would be so much better.


Boy, had she made their lives very, very difficult.

After all, even though she was his “#1 diamond” AND as a “diamond mine”–he was a gold mine–and gold was becoming the more valuable commodity.

As she sat on their front porch swing watching the dogs play near her feet and enjoying a hot cup of morning coffee, her heart reached out to the girl called “Fawn” who lived by the water’s edge down the road a little ways.

Her heart would open and then close to Fawn, but this time, something was different.

For the first time since she met her husband, she realized her will was feeling freed up. It was being freed up!  

All of a sudden, she could have a thought in her head that was actually hers for the first time since she could remember. 

She thought of Fawn.

She grieved for her own daughters and what they’d all been through. She remembered her church and all those who had prayed and stuck with her over the long-haul.

These were the people she cherished in her heart-of-hearts. 

The seeds of their prayers began to sprout, having taken root long ago when they were first breathed out and filled the golden bowls of angels in the heavenly realms where their fragrance reached the breadth and depth of the quantum field. 

Like incense and oils, The Father breathed in their prayers for her into Himself, and now, He was breathing over her in a fresh and brand new way.

He was more brokenhearted over what she had been through–and all they had lost– than anyone in her family and in her friendship circles could ever be.

The Father, Himself, was brokenhearted.

Her children had closed their hearts down long ago and were just trying to move on with their lives.  They were tired from chronic disappointments and perceived missed appointments and wanted to stop “going through the motions” and truly live again. 

The Father loves the children and has promised to turn everything meant to harm them into their blessing and benefit so that all of it works for Good–for Him–for HE is GOOD. 

She made a decision that surprised even her.  She had the thought before, but this time, it was as if “new strength” entered her for the first time in her entire life, and she saw the fortune she’d amassed and chose to not squander it any longer on defending, protecting, advocating, and aligning with her husband’s philandering and his often deadly life.

His own talk of “legacy” and of leaving a “legacy” meant little to her like it once did.

She knew actions spoke louder than his words. Even in interviews.

She has stopped believing him.

She had stopped believing in him.

She had stopped worshiping him.

She had worked hard, herself.

She was worthy of honor.

She realized her value and worth was far above rubies and more precious than gold and silver.

She was a Diamond in right hand of her Father–high and lifted up in the Palm of His Right Hand.

He was pleased with her.

Her Heavenly Father lived, and moved, and had His Being inside of her.

The thought struck her like a lightening bolt:

She shared the same favored scripture as Fawn.

Why, they could be sisters.

Fawn sat on her front porch by the water’s edge thinking of The Diamond held high in The Father’s Hand.

Fawn could see her.

And once something is seen, it can’t be unseen.

Once someone is seen, they can’t be unseen.

Fawn’s heart reached out to Diamond, in return.

Spirit-to-spirit, they joined forces against the great evil that had taken over both of their lives.

Fawn loved having coffee on the front porch with Diamond.

She breathed in a sigh of deep relief at the awareness and the awakening to The Alliance.

Somehow, all would be well.

Fawn hoped that her and Diamond might even be friends, somehow. 




To be continued…










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