I’ve been thinking about First Responders today.  I have a special place in my heart for them.

Especially when one is in trauma and First Responders come onto the scene.

The recovery rate of victims who have suffered a trauma, particularly a pre-meditated trauma, is much faster and more positive when the First Responder on the scene is trained, calm, brings comfort, peace, expertise, acts quickly, decisively, and brings order out of the chaos.
Every now and then I’ll think about what happened to me on school property during the instructional day when I was teaching English in Port Isabel, Texas. I think about it more since we live here again.
It used to be that I couldn’t drive passed the schools in “the district” without weeping.  I would be fine leavning the house on my way to run an errand, and as soon as I got to the high school on Highway 100 and the light where you turn right to go to Port Isabel Junior High School, I would suddenly burst into tears.  
I prayed and asked God many times to heal me of the memories of such a horrific, pre-meditated event in my life and little-by-little, He has healed me. 
One day, when I was driving past the intersection of the high school and junior high school, I asked The Father what the tears were about.  
Since I know God to be a Good Father, I knew the tears weren’t re-traumatizing.  
He responded, These tears are healing tears.  Cleansing tears. 
People ask why we moved back to The Laguna Madre Region when this happened to me here and all I can say is we believe we’re called here.  We said we’d go wherever God sends us.  
One day I was walking down the street we live on in Laguna Vista, Texas by myself and I heard The Father say, I’ve called YOU here Corrine.
That settled a lot of things for me, deep down, because this would not be my first choice to live and raise my family. I like the country, mountains, rolling hills, lakes, creeks, quiet coves.
 I think of Vineyard’s “If You Say Go” by Rita Springer. 
Living here is different than vacationing here. Much different. We work hard, care about the influences around us, and are protective of the area, etc.
We want to know what people are doing here and what their intentions are. If they have good motives and/or agendas or not. People on vacation probably don’t even think about these things. Most people who reside in towns probably don’t think about these things. I’m not sure why we care but we do.
I used to believe that no one helped me after I had a gun put to my head, was spit all over, and the gunman threatened to blow my brains out while I stood outside my classroom door greeting kids to come into my classroom to learn English. In fact and in truth, the very people who were supposed to protect me and advocate for me abandoned and betrayed me–especially so-called “Leaders”.
The ways in which the gunman was triggered and “set up” was just as wicked as the incident itself. People literally got away with attempted murder. Yet I know that no one gets away with anything–not really. It only seems like gross injustices happen that are never made right. But we know and are known by a big God, and He is a Good Father.
He has His Ways of vindicating us and bringing justice to such gross injustices that have happened to so many in The Laguna Madre Region which have never been made right.
The cover-ups that followed the attempted murder incident were worse than the original crime committed.  
An influential Leader has recently said, and even put in writing, that the incident never happened.  This is like telling a Vietnam War Veteran, or anyone else who has served in our U.S. Military to secure freedom for our country that, “The Vietnam+ War never happened.  You never served in Vietnam.  You’re lying.  ‘Vietnam’ never happened.  There never was a war in Vietnam.”
What a foolish person who would say such a foolish, foolish thing. 
When a person has a gun pressed into their head, is spit all over, and screamed that their brains are going to be blown out…
When a person can see peripherally into the chamber of the weapon…and can see the pointer-finger positioned on the trigger, it’s real, friends.
What happened could not be more real than what happened that day on the PIJHS Campus in Port Isabel, Texas in PIISD in the Spring of 1994 when Eddie Stamps responded to my scribbled note to come quickly for help.  And Eddie Stamps did come.  I believe Eddie Stamps showed up on the scene as quickly and safety as he could.   He walked into my classroom like a boss–chivalrous and on a mission–yet humble, cautious, and fully alert. 
The more that is revealed surrounding the aftermath of the attempted murder against my life in PIISD, the question became, “How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go?”
I prefer the beach to rabbit holes any day-unless it’s to get someone out of one.
Which brings me to Eddie Stamps.
I believe Eddie Stamps rescued people out of “rabbit holes” and cages, pits, dungeons, cells-you know-“dark places”.
Just like Jesus does.
Even when you go to the depths of hell (places void of God) I’ll be there with you.-Jesus.
I found this article on Eddie Stamps–the First Responder who came to my aid and the aid of so many students that day in the Spring of 1994.
The article is from “LEGACY”.
A few days ago I ordered a book called Terraforming Legacy.  It’s the next book in the series from an international prayer ministry that we’ve received extensive training from.
It’s so interesting how the write-up on Eddie Stamps is under the same name of the book I just ordered.  I believe, of course, that the title “Legacy” is prophetic, and that it is packed with prophetic meaning both for Eddie Stamps and for every one of his children and grandchildren. 
Eddie Stamp’s obituary doesn’t include the day he walked into my classroom and brought peace to a Teacher (me) and a classroom full of kids who just had their lives threatened with certain death by a student high on drugs and with a loaded weapon pointed at them, his finger poised and ever-ready to pull the trigger.
The obituary doesn’t include how Eddie Stamps decisively lifted the drooling student up off his desk out of a drug-induced, passed-out stupor and walked the gunman down the long hallway towards the offices while the gunman twirled the weapon around his finger all the way down the corridor.  
As I looked cautiously out of my classroom door and watched the two walk down the hallway-and it was such a long hallway-Eddie was walking on the left. He had on a pinkish-red shirt that had a collar that day and tan pants. 
I don’t know why I remember which side he was walking on down that very long hallway. I don’t know why I would remember what Eddie Stamps was wearing that day.  
I do know, however, that pink is the color of “restoration”, found in the Scriptures. 
Eddie Stamps
is on the bottom right in this picture
here with his son.
Eddie Stamps was a hero.
I imagine he has raised heroes as well-
First Responders-
just like him.
Eddie Stamps saved lives. 
He was a really smart person.
My friends, Charles and KeShauna Sweed Dorsey, would have loved Eddie Stamps. So would their children. Fifty-two years old, however, is wayyyyy too young to leave this Earth when Eddie Stamps passed on.
The Dorsey Family of Brenham, Texas
The Dorsey’s are also “First Responders”.
Their ministry is called Fathers Heart Mothers Love
Rosemary McLean, Director of Washington County Healing Rooms would have loved Eddie Stamps, too. 
Rosemary McLean
encouraged me
during one of the most intense seasons
of spiritual warfare in my life.
Rosemary helped me win.
I’m remembering Eddie Stamps today. I’m not sure why.
The Father is just bringing him to my mind today.
I’m thinking about First Responders and how
indebted I am to them.
For the ones in trauma,
it may as well be God, Himself,
Who walks into the room;
Who comes onto the scene.
You see, Eddie Stamps was a Christian.
He was my brother.
He couldn’t help but witness Jesus.
So when Eddie Stamps walked into my classroom that day down the 300 hallway at Port Isabel Junior High School, Jesus walked in the room.
It has taken me over twenty years
to see where Jesus was
when this incident
happened in my life.
Today I saw  where Jesus was
on that day,
at that time,

because I saw

Eddie Stamps.


I was having fun with our children at Schlitterbahn Water Park on SPI when I suddenly began remembering Eddie Stamps today.  
I had just left Whataburger after having lunch with our children and saw two people from PIISD’S Administration.
Perhaps they are “First Responders”, as well?  Let us hope they are. 
Eddie is having a great time
in Heaven.
He’s never hungry
and he loves
the water.
I believe I also heard
Eddie Stamp’s Life-Song: 
If You Say Go
by Vineyard Music. 
God Bless Eddie Stamps, First Responder.
God Bless all First Responders.
First Responders are as dispatched angels who come to help those who need help and to those who need them.
I have a special place in my heart for first responders.  Dispatched angels
In Heaven, Eddie Stamps is, among his many tasks, A Dispatcher of Angels who listens in on the prayers of his family and of many people everywhere.
Eddie can accomplish much more where he is for he does not have the limitations he had when he was on the Earth. He is happily busy, indeed! 
Here is a write up about Eddie: 
I hope to see Eddie Stamps’ NAME on a sports field in PIISD, the public school District where he served for many years.
I would like to see an entire field named after Eddie Stamps.
I believe PIISD would win more.
And would win more games.
Corrine Jeter
Laguna Vista, Texas

Corrine Jeter is a writer, author, encourager, and educator who moves in the revelatory gifts revealed in the scriptures.  She taught English and Special Education in the public school system for seven years before coming home to homeschool her children. Corrine is the author of over thirty books including In My Mother’s Garden, Meeting My Father- A Shattered Soul Made Whole, and Clara’s Choice. Gary, Corrine, and their five children live on the coast in Texas. Contact @corrinejeter@gmail.com. 

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