In September of 2014, I witnessed a teacher in high heels and a super short skirt sensually ride a desk in a classroom filled with eight year olds in our local, public school district.

Third graders.

The regular classroom Teacher, who groomed the class using The Kagan mind control programming Method to teach the afternoon classes, had left the room.

The morning Teacher, also, was in and out of the room.

She didn’t feel like she had the classes FULL attention with me, the Parent of an enrolled child, in there.

Administrators came in and out.

Supposedly, the Teacher gave a test with me in the room, but the class and other Teachers must have missed that because different Teachers kept coming in and out of the room during the supposed “test”.

They seemed…nervous.

A lively administrator berated me in the hallway for “interrupting the test”.

And then another one.

Right on cue.

Neither of these administrators had the facts. They did not know the truth of what was transpiring in the classroom-all the “activity” going on. The young Learners in the room were confused. They did not even know they were taking a test.

Clearly, Parents are stonewalled in PIISD on many levels.


The District considers Parents an interruption

to The District’s Plans for the children–

beginning here at Headstart.

See Headstart’s bylaws where it is stated the intent to secure the child from the parents as young as possible-although they may have changed that statement because Parents, and particularly homeschoolers, made such a huge ordeal over that-as they should have!.

That same afternoon at one of two elementary schools here, an Administrator trained in The Delphi mind control programming Technique, as well as other occult-based mind control techniques, entered the classroom to do a supposed “evaluation”.

The Administrator was intentionally intimidating and shifted the atmosphere from a “clock-controlled” supposed “order” to acute-fear in record time using witchcraft-based training techniques this Administrator been trained with–techniques that taxpayers/ stakeholders paid for her to learn.  Yikes!

Mind control programming techniques are staples of the occult, not of critical-thinking and intuitive, intelligent people.

Guess who paid for the Administrator’s “special training” to control the public?

The taxpayers here.

Before the end of the seven-hour day I spent at Derry Elementary in The Point Isabel Independent School District in Port Isabel, Texas an entire community of people had been grossly defrauded using “training techniques” stakeholders/taxpayers have paid for, in order to control an entire populace-ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN.

Parents are particularly unwanted here, unless Parents align with “The District’s Plans” for “the children” and The District becomes “The New Family”.

To quote The District’s Leaders: “It’s ALL about The Children.”

Indeed, it is.

The sexually-charged, hyper-sexual demonstration of the teacher sensually riding a desk in front of a wide-eyed, mouths-agape group of EIGHT YEAR OLDS sang a song to us that day as she rocked the wooden desk back and forth in mesmerizing motions, that went something like this:

“It’s raining outside

We were going out to play

But we can’t go outside

Because it’s raining out today!

“So….what shall we do?

What shall we play?”

As she rocked the desk, back and forth,

On the misty, rainy day. /

May I suggest allowing the children to GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY?!

Here’s what that looks like.  See video below.

It’s raining outside as I write.

What a great day to be outside.

At every level in PIISD–every single level–the occult is active in the Point Isabel Independent School District in Port Isabel, Texas.

PIISD is rigged from top-to-bottom.  

Father God, August 2014

Pictured above:  young Learners from Derry Elementary, Port Isabel Junior High School, and Port Isabel High School in Port Isabel, Texas.  Courtesy of PIISD’s website.  Pictures taken on elementary campus, open field in District, and “Home” coming Parade around the town of Port Isabel, TX (top left).

My family does NOT want to fund occult practices anywhere–not judicially, not in the religious system, nor the education system in Texas or anywhere else in the universe. 

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