The two men by the water garden
sitting side-by-side
Fish and talk of their sons-
their greatest joys and pride.
One man has a red rod
the other man, a blue
They laugh and conversate
on the bench handmade for two.

They reminisce about the golden days
on Earth’s distant realm
Far removed from mistakes they made
when they were at the helm

One gave his life to God real young
The other, not so soon,
But it doesn’t matter anymore
In Christ they’ve found their home.

The Father stands nearby,
listening to His sons
The Father is proud of the fathers,
and the fathers are proud
of their sons.

One wears a white t-shirt and blue jeans
the other, khaki pants
Side by side, they fish all day
while of their sons they vent

They talk about accomplishments
the boys made as they grew
They wished they were there more for them
on the bench handmade for two.

Tears streamed down their faces
As The Father stands near-by,
“Sons, you did your best;
I’m here to heal your cries.”

They say in Heaven there are no tears
no sadness, nor regrets
But the picture I am being shown
defies all those tenets

The Father stretches out His Hand
and dries their face and eyes
“I still have work for you to do
to help your sons to thrive.”

The men sit up straighter
and look into Father’s face
And the reflection looking back at them
is nothing but pure Grace.

The men turn towards Earth’s realm
Searching for their sons
The message to their children is:

“We love you”


“Well done”.


-excerpt from “The Water Garden Built in Heaven’s Realms” by Corrine Jeter

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