Be careful and discerning, little flock.

I know it is very hard to say, “I’m not going any further in this relationship for my own safety and the safety of my family.”

However, for your own well-being and the well-being of your family, I encourage a healthy distancing, if not a total disconnect– until there’s healing in controlling leaders who are ministering out of unhealed wounds.

The spirit of dominance that is controlling “Alpha Leaders” is not of God, little flock. It’s a dark entity, indeed, masquerading as Light.

In the Scriptures, the authority Jesus gave us was not over one another but over demons.

Jesus says, “I have given you authority over…”

Over who? Over what?

I have given you authority over all the power OF THE ENEMY.

Luke 10:19.

Jesus gave us authority over demons.

But He called US to be family.

The Grand Invitation of John 17 is: “Father, As You are in Me and I Am in You, let Us be in them that We may be ‘One’.”

Jesus wants people to “be one” with Them.

Who is “Them”? Them are: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Jesus came to wash feet, not lord his Lordship over people.

Leaders in our churches who walk in true, spiritual authority don’t have to go around saying, “I’m the boss. People must submit to me.” 

This is an auto-pilot response and is a life-script of spiritually abusive people. They almost sound like a broken record, saying the same thing, over and over, when they speak.

Who discipled these people?  Little Flock, check I.D.

Control is indicative of a deep and destructive insecurity that Jesus wants to heal, not encourage! Insecurity like that destroys relationships and Jesus is actually grieved about it.

“Alpha Leaders”

are dangerous

in Christ’s Body.

There will need to be a great humbling–internal and external–for “Alpha Leaders” because they are moving in pride and insecurity and are actually harming people in the Name of God.

This is why spiritual abuse is one of the worst abuses one can ever suffer, and endure. We’ve seen spiritual abuse and spiritual abusers in our churches over the years as Christians that it is easy now to recognize the symptoms and indications quickly.

We are to protect one another from spiritual abuse and spiritual abusers and help one another heal from such destructive behavior towards Christ’s Body, The Church.

One reason spiritual abuse is so painful and toxic is because of the demonic nature and origin of spiritual abuse.

If someone uses the lofty language of we want to do life with you…with people…but they have to be “The Alpha” in the relationship and there can only be a relationship or friendship if they are in control, don’t walk–RUN!

It sounds “good”–when people say things like this and use language like this–the language of “togetherness” and “community”–for it reaches into humanity’s need for relational connection–but spiritual discernment says, “This is coming from darkness, not Light.”

Even though it sounds good and true.

What is the primary indication or “symptom” that the language of community and togetherness is originating from “the dark”?

** There can be no real, authentic relationship unless the spiritual abuser, or abusers–can control.

To them this means that they assume, with or without your consent, control of YOUR life– YOUR life, which belongs to God.

Oh, no, Little Flock. This is not “of” God. These are not The Ways of The GOOD Shepherd.  

It is a well know truth that controllers and handlers, operators, drivers, trainers, and puppeteers operate at high levels of the occult. And one of the places they love to lead is in our churches.

There is a big difference, however, in a leader that is occult-governed and controlled and one who is simply immature and deeply misguided.

One is sociopathic about their need for control of others, wounding people on auto-pilot- and never truly repentant.

The other is simply immature and misguided, yet teachable and repentant.  

One has a conscience that is “seared”.  The other is truly sorry for the harm they’ve caused others. 

However, there is not much difference in the harm they both bring to people’s lives because of their obsessive need to control everything, and everyone–especially those in The Body who they feel threatened by, as well as those who are closest in relationship with them.

** Again, the relationship only functions when the “Alpha Leader” can be in control, and control. There is no real, authentic relationship, otherwise.

This is the biggest “red flag”, Little Flock.

It is God’s Best for us, in our best interest and His, and our responsibility to discern for ourselves who is who, what is what, and which is which.


There is only one Alpha and Omega, friends,

and His Name Is Jesus Christ.

Jesus is “The Head” of His Own Body.

Be careful and discerning, little flock.

Jesus is The Good Shepherd.

Jesus is The Only Alpha and Omega.




Those who have suffered and endured spiritual abuse, as well as SA’s (spiritual abusers), will find solace, rest, and comfort with a simple listening of The Father’s Love Letter to you.  After you listen to this (as many times as you need), read through the Prayer of Forgiveness of Spiritual Abusers aloud.

The Father loves you so much!


A Prayer of Forgiveness for Spiritual Abusers in The Body of Christ

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I forgive the spiritual leaders in the Body of Christ who are abusing people and who are sympathizing with abusers and abusive styles of leadership.

I forgive spiritual leaders in the Body of Christ who are harboring abusers, promoting abusers, hiring abusers, defending abusers, and in doing so, exploiting Christ’s Own Body.

I wash their feet in prayer. I hurl down the accuser with The Blood of The Lamb and the Word of the Testimony: Leaders who are doing this are forgiven of all unrighteousness, redeemed of every consequence, and restored to Love.

I forgive spiritual leaders who are confused about what Love Is and what Love permits; who Love Is and who Love resists.

I forgive spiritual Leaders who cover up abuse and abusers in the name of grace because they have made up their own version of “grace”, thereby giving others over to harm instead of being The Protectors God created them to be.

Father, I ask You to heal the wounds connected with and caused by spiritual abuse and neglect inflicted upon Christ’s Body by Spiritual Leaders in His Church: The Body of Christ (Believers).

I ask You, Father to send dunamis power into all the wounds inflicted and suffered because of the enemy’s invasions. I bind the demonic king attached to the wounds of spiritual abuse and cast this entity off of God’s People.

I ask that You send the same resurrection Power that raised Jesus from the dead into every wound suffered at the teachings and the hands and lives of SA’s (Spiritual Abusers) and those they have wounded, defended, protected, harbored, and hired.

I ask that you extract the poison from the root of the tree of any ministry: local, regional, state, national, and international ministry that has been infected at the root system level of the ministry–and at the DNA and RNA levels of the ministries–and heal the broken, fractured, shattered places and mend them to perfection in Christ Jesus.


heal the entire tree,

trunk, branches, leaves,

and fruit by

healing the system of the roots.

Thank You for Your Will Done in this.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen!

Corrine Jeter is a writer, author, and educator who lives on the coast in Texas.  She taught English and Special Education in the public school system for seven years before coming home full-time to home-educate her children. Corrine is the author of In My Mother’s Garden, Meeting My Father- A Shattered Soul Made Whole, Clara’s Choice, and other works.




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