My name is Corrine

 I’m glad you’re here. 

May you be encouraged!

Let me start by sharing that I can’t imagine my life without The Holy Spirit.  Honestly, I have no idea how I would endure some of things that have been made known to me or that I’ve walked through without The Holy Spirit. 

When I was made aware of the enemy’s dark plans for my life even before I was born and how he had so systematically hijacked my identity over the course of my lifetime, I thank God every single day for his intervention through Jesus on my behalf.

Sometimes, the greatest gift we can receive is the revelation of our own depravity aside from Christ, and the personal revelation of His Love for us.  

Every day is filled with new revelations, insights, and adventures from a place of rest and security, assurance of victory, and of peace.


One of my favorite scriptures is

“Our Father makes my feet

like hinds’ feet,

and sets me

upon high places.

He makes me surefooted

upon the high


-Psalm 18:33


May we walk with Him both in the mountains and the valleys and everywhere in between.

All around.




My heart is stirred by a noble theme

as I recite my verses

for The King;


tongue is the pen

of a skillful writer.

-Psalm 45:1


Over the years, while homeschooling our children, I was able to secure citizenship to over thirty-two countries, write for magazines, author non-fiction books, and publish childrens books.

I am currently writing and publishing In My Mother’s Garden and In Full Bloom- two books in honor of my mother, who cultivated gardens so beautiful that they could have been in magazines.

Through watching my mother garden, I learned the importance of tilling, planting, watering, and harvesting bouquets of beauty season after season-especially in very difficult seasons.  

I learned about THE Gardener and of His constant Love and Presence in my life, in my mother’s garden. 

I wish it was all blooming flowers and gardens growing up, but my parents, like many people, struggled while raising my two sisters and I.  

Surviving pre-meditated traumas and abuses in order to sequester the human spirit for eternity and control another’s life, even from great distances undetected, I learned to cope in a culture of fear.  It has been only through a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Love and Presence that I have freedom. 

His Presence is a life-line for me.

My security and assurance rests in the truth and knowledge that I can never be snatched from His Hand and that He has never lost anyone The Father has given to Him.  This means He will not let me go. John 17. 


Yellow Butterflies 

In 2012, I was taken to a place in a vision where I was shown thousands of cardboard boxes that had been sealed and thrown into a dark hole.


I saw The Father breathe on the sealed boxes; the lids opened, and thousands of yellow butterflies flew out and all over the Earth.

I heard, This is the release of destinies.

I knew a part of my own destiny was to witness millions of people released into their destinies.

Of special interest to me is the integration and restoration of land and of people in regions and nations.

You may view a detailed account of Yellow Butterflies and the vision here: 


Encounters and experiences in The Presence of God are a lifestyle for me.

Recently, The Father brought me to a Garden (I’ve been to many Gardens in the heavenly realms) where I danced with The King, my heavenly Father.

He said, Come back to who you are, before ‘life’ happened.  

He was talking about before traumas, rejections, betrayals, neglects, and abandonments…before fear took root and shame had a place. He was inviting me to return-to return to my “befores”…my origins.

I could see The Father as King spinning and twirling me around, lovingly and firmly holding my hands in His. I was young and as a child.  Childlike and enjoying life in this place.

I could smell the clean, fresh air in this heavenly place, and see the birds and topiaries and huge, golden balls suspended in the air.

Then He sang me this song:


You can come here;

you don’t need a key.  

This Garden is always open,

you see.  

There is no betrayal or pain in this place.

There is only Grace upon Grace. 


Over and over, He sang this song over me.

This garden is always open, you see. You don’t need a

key…. my Father tells me.

I am always welcome to dance with The King and

enjoy the grounds of The Garden.


His arms are open and His embrace is sweet.



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