First Baptist Church Port Isabel is a “first-fruits church” in The Laguna Madre Region of the Rio Grande Valley in Port Isabel, Texas.

There is a deep “Well of Reverence” at First Baptist Church in #PortIsabel.

It is good to be in a place that has such deep roots in the land here—a place so intimately and intrinsically connected and tied to my own surrender and salvation in Christ.

It feels like a type of “home-coming” being here.

There has been “a returning” of some kind in my own life, just being here at First Baptist in Port Isabel, TX.

I’m reunited with family here I had no idea I had.

Re—connected to The Father in a refreshing way.





The “kabod” is here.

The manifest weightiness of His Glory is here.

It feels like receiving a big hug from God—a very personal embrace.

“I Am here.” —Father God

“I’m back in My Own House.” —The Father

The Presence Of God is very “thick” in this place with these people. We must not take this church and its people for granted.

First Baptist Port Isabel Church has birthed at least three other churches in this Region and countless programs—all from the “seeds” that were planted by the original church planters here at #FBCPI over 80 years ago.

I experienced The Father’s Presence during worship here today.




During worship, which was incredibly reverent, where God was the focus, I was brought by The Spirit of God into a beautiful garden and I was walking down a pathway.

I could pick the flowers but they kept growing back.

Knowing my wonderments, He responded, These flowers are eternal. They never die.

I could walk around the garden freely.

I was invited to gather flowers and put them in bouquets in vases in people’s houses from this Garden.

Beauty for ashes, Father said.

There was total peace, warmth, and safety in this place.

The message was on The Beatitudes—a passage I’ve been drawn into lately.







Who in the scriptures tried to “steal the first-fruits”?

That is one of the primary assignments against First Baptist Port Isabel: the attempted hijacking of “a first-fruits” church. There have been attempts at hijacking of “the first-fruits” since its inception.

All of the churches in this strand are considered “first fruit churches” because they are the first works of their kind planted in four different towns in the Laguna MADRE region of South Texas in the Rio Grande Valley.

First fruits and firstborns are so precious to God.



There is also an attempt to hijack the rightful, True Father of this gathering of Believers and replace Him with an “owner” in the city, but this will not happen. God can’t be trafficked nor abducted.

This will be a “botched abduction”—a “botched mission” against the “first-fruits” church in Port Isabel, Texas.



There is an active assignment against this church to build a counterfeit “Garden of Eden” within the city that is being dismantled.

It’s a “Trojan horse” connected with youth.



Who’s got the keys to the church?

Keys represent authority and possession, ownership and access.

Who has authority and possession, ownership and access of this property through inheritance and who is attempting to rob generations of people of their inheritance through thievery?

The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

Who has the keys?

There is a dark assignment against this church to “take the keys” from the original benefactors that belong to them, rightfully, through inheritance by a group that believes they can “buy” churches as if people were real estate and swallow up entire regions of people.

The “procurement of the souls of people” bound to a personality—driven ministry and not to Christ is not a fragrance but a stench to God.

This assignment is being dismantled.



There is an active assignment and attempt to institute a “false armor of god” for the True Armor  in this thread of churches, beginning at the first fruits church in Port Isabel, Texas.  This assignment is recognized, seen, and is being dismantled.  

There’s a false “helmet of salvation”:

Our salvation is in Christ alone and not to a person who claims representation for Christ. 

There is a false “sword of the spirit”:  

The Sword of The Spirit is the word of God–both logos (written) AND rhema (revelatory).  The false “sword of the spirit” wields the ministry of condemnation. We are called to be minsters of reconciliation–reconciling people back to their Father, God and not to any personality-driven ministry or minister. 

There is a false “shield of faith”:  

The admonition to put our trust in “the man of god” and follow him is contrary to scripture when it says, Trust in God and have faith in God. 

There is a false “belt of truth”:  

The false “belt of truth” is manifesting as “the cracking of the whip”, the driving of the people to function like workhorses and not as sons and daughters of a loving Father. 

There is a false “breastplate of righteousness”:  

We are to bind ourselves to Christ for He has bound Himself to us.  We are then bonded to one another as family. 

When people are being “bonded” to a narcissistic leader or through “trauma bonds”, the fruit is total dysfunction. 

It may take a while to manifest, but dysfunction and disorder (spiritual chaos) is the fruit hanging off the tree where false breastplates of righteousness are active in the land and in people.  

Toxic relations abound!  There is nothing righteous about them.  There can be no peace because a siphoning of one kind or another is transpiring.

For the breastplate we wear, according to scripture, of imputed righteousness, a false breastplate has been instituted that includes total submission to “the man of god” and partnering with him to “take” the land and the souls of people “all for Jesus”. The red-flag in all of this? The lack of Love flowing through the minstry, which is THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL. We are not called to no-love but to Love. Manipulation and control are symptomatic of witchcraft; not-Love.

Orphans live towards Love.  

Sons and daughters live FROM Love.

We are already IN Love. 

There is “the false shoes that bring the gospel and peace”:  

We are not to receive any “marching orders” to follow in the footsteps of anyone who operates a gathering with cult-like tendencies. 

Divisions and dissentions abound–especially among family members.  It’s astounding to watch; heart-breaking and gut-wrenching to walk through. 


Tears are the ointment and the oil that heals the wound here.

People have been weeping here for three weeks straight, if not for decades, in intercession for the integrity and power of The Blood Of Christ and the family OF God to do its effective work.

And He Is doing it!  Family is doing it.


The people who inherited

this special work

in Port Isabel, Texas

LOVE the city.  

They were never here to

“take over the city”. 


They don’t “want” the city as if people are here to be owned, dominated, and “lorded-over”. 

I can see how the true “Garden” is watered and is being watered–through tears!


Tears of intercession and

tears of grief and sorrow.

 And God sees.  

He notices.  He cares.  

And He is doing something

with all the tears

of the people.


This Garden is watered with the tears of the people and God is using their tears to water and grow one of the most beautiful gardens there ever has been!

In Port Isabel, Texas.

This is going to be a Breakthrough week!

Thank you for coming #FairfieldBaptistChurch from #Cypress, Texas. 

Many are praying.



Corrine Jeter is a writer, author, encourager, and educator.  She taught English and Special Education in the public school system for seven years before coming home to homeschool her children. Corrine is the author of In My Mother’s Garden, Meeting My Father- A Shattered Soul Made Whole, Clara’s Choice, and many other works. Gary, Corrine, and their five children live on the coast in Texas.

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